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Conscious Control of human aura
by Dr Tom J. Chalko Melbourne, Australia

1. Abstract 2. Introduction
3. Kirlian diagnostics

4. Meditation exercise

Meditation is an exercise, aiming to prevent thoughts in a natural way, by deeply relaxing the physical body and then trying to keep the mind ''blank''. I have been practising various flavours of such meditation everyday over the last 3 years.

For simplicity, Prof Korotkov recorded the electro-photonic glow around one finger only (fore finger of right hand), which enabled me to continue meditation without interruption. Prof Korotkov told me, that changes in bio-field of one finger are representative for all fingers and therefore for the entire body. 9 images of the bio-energy field recorded in regular one minute intervals are presented in Fig.2, the first image on the left indicates the initial state.

Fig.2 Changes in bio-energy field around right hand forefinger during meditation

From the images in Fig.2 it can be seen, that the size of the electro-photonic Aura increases with time. Also, initial ''gaps'' in electrophotonic bio-field gradually close, indicating that the mind-body state approaches more ''harmonious'' way of functioning. However, the degree of fractal distribution of the bio-energy field seems to remain high.

5. Concentration exercise
6. Comparison of results
7. Conclusions

©Tom J. Chalko 1997