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Conscious Control of human aura
by Dr Tom J. Chalko Melbourne, Australia
1. Abstract 2. Introduction
3. Kirlian diagnostics
4. Meditation exercise
5. Concentration exercise
6. Comparison of results

7. Conclusions

It was found, that human aura size as well as distribution not only change significantly during conscious exercises of the mind, but they both can be controlled and greatly improved.

Two types of exercise were performed and their results compared: meditation and concentration. It was found that both exercises had a very positive influence on human state. They both increased the size of the aura and reduced its fractal distribution. It was found, that the concentration exercise was more effective, more consistent and lead to more coherent improvement of the electrophotonic glow than the meditation exercise. Results, presented in the context of Kirlian diagnostics, clearly demonstrated the significant influence of conscious exercises on intensifying the healing processes within the body.

The technique of Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV), known also as a Kirlian effect, has proven to be a very valuable method in quantifying the mind-body interaction during the healing process.

It becomes clear that recent advances in Kirlian equipment, specifically computerization and elimination of conventional photo-processing have opened new possibilities for scientific research of interaction between the mind and the body, enabling its continuous monitoring and quantification.

I have found beyond doubt, that the state of the mind has a great influence on human aura. We found that the aura can be actively controlled by exercising a conscious control of the mind.

Both meditation and concentration exercises have induced dramatic positive changes in the human state as measured by bioelectrography, now called GDV (Gas Discharge Visualization).

Concentration exercise seems to have a better potential than meditation. Concentration causes larger increases in bio-energy levels and, more importantly is more consistent and efficient in reducing fractality of the bio-energy distribution.

Attractiveness of the concentration exercise also lies in the fact, that minimal training is required to achieve substantial results.

Our results indicate, that both techniques can be successfully applied in medical practice to enhance the natural healing mechanisms of the mind-body system.

Our results demonstrate tremendous potential of mind exercises in enhancing the natural healing processes. It is clear that more research is needed to evaluate and compare various exercises of the mind and their applicability to healing.

Majority of applications of modern Kirlian equipment today concentrate on enhancing the health diagnostic process. Presented results indicate that applications of Kirlian equipment should be extended to:

- observe and quantify the interaction between the mind and the body,
- monitor intensity of healing process in the mind-body system,
- choose the best conscious exercises to optimize particular healing
- train patients to consciously enhance healing processes in their bodies
- train healthy people to achieve and maintain harmonious functioning of the mind-body system

In view of the above, it becomes clear that recording of the electrophotonic glow using modern computerized Kirlian cameras provides a new insight into mind-body functions and creates a new possibilities in medical research. Measurements based on Kirlian effect are very attractive, because they are not intrusive, instantly and provide extraordinarily comprehensive picture of many mind-body activities.

In my opinion, learning to interpret the electrophotonic glow recorded using Kirlian effect equipment should attract a significant research effort in the near future, providing a foundation for the new natural self healing medicine of the 21 century.

8. Acknowledgements
I wish to express my deepest gratitude to Prof Korotkov and Dr. Vagif Soultanov, director of Aura and Body Centre in Melbourne, Australia.

9. References
[1] K.G. Korotkov, Kirlian Effect, Publisher: Olga, St. Petersburg, 1995 pp 215, ISBN 5-86093-011-9 (in Russian)
[2] K.G. Korotkov, Light after Life, Backbone Publishing House. NY 1996

©Tom J. Chalko 1997