Thiaoouba Prophecy


Doko is an electromagnetic building, based on the principle of an atom. Force field around nucleus (the size of which is comparable to an egg) creates an "empty space" 30-80 meters in diameter suitable for habitation, protected from external elements such as wind and rain

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Consciousness and Immortality

Consciousness is a system of information processing. By “information processing” here we mean creating, sorting, interpreting, understanding, encoding, storing, retrieving, translating, transmitting, receiving, implementing and utilizing information.

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Astral Travel?

The natural place of our astral body is either with our physical body or with our Higher Self - our quantum interface to the Universe. At some stages of our sleep, the astral body leaves our physical body to join Higher Self briefly. This is one of the fundamental functions of sleep. For this reason […]

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Emperor's Mirror

There is an ancient mirror in Japan, called Yata no Kagami (八咫鏡). Due to its legendary "Sacred Treasure" status, the mirror is always hidden from view and its location is never confirmed. Only the reigning emperor himself and no one else is allowed to read what is written at the back of this mirror. Nobody, […]

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Tomb of Jesus in Herai

Author: Dr. Tom Chalko The authenticity of documents and material evidence "sourced" from the Japanese mountain village of Herai (now called Shingo) is the subject of controversy. On the other hand, the extremely fascinating and undeniable information is found in the folklore and tradition of Herai. Since time immemorial, people have been singing a song […]

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South of Japan, not far from Taiwan, there is a Japanese island called Yonaguni with strange underwater structures and accurately cut "terraces" in solid rock at right angles. Some people suspect that this structure was constructed by a human hand, but no one can determine its function. In the book Thiaoouba Prophecy, which contains the […]

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Phaeton (Faeton, Φαέθων) was a planet that has recently (about ~ 3000 years ago) disappeared from our Solar System….The ancient Greeks were known to diligently observe the planets because they believed that “gods” traversed the sky and navigated between stars in space. Planets are fairly easy to distinguish from stars with the naked eye because they "move" in relation to the "fixed" system of stars and constellations that the ancient Greeks called "the cosmos".

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