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Physics of gravity explained
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Thiaoouba prophecy
WHY are we Alive? WHY are we Conscious?
What is The Purpose of the Universe and our OWN role in it?
WHY is it not enough to believe?
What happened to advanced civilizations and continents (Mu, Atlantis..) ?
Are we also to face a global catastrophe ? WHEN? What? Why?
Why NOBODY REMEMBERS what was the purpose of the Great Pyramid a
nd how to build it?
What happens after death and before we are conceived? WHY?
Who said that there is a conflict between Creation and Evolution?
Why was invention of a WHEEL a great step backwards for humanity?
What are the greatest dangers for Man and humanity on Earth?
What can we do? Dream or to Act? Can we change the SYSTEM peacefully?
How much truth is in the Bible? What are lessons from history?
How did Man appear on Earth?

And SO WHAT ????

If you are truly interested to learn the answer to at least one of the above question - you will be absolutely fascinated by this book. Key information and details it contains cannot be found in any other book on Earth. Coherence and precision of information surprises scientists on all continents.

This book clarifies practically ALL myths, doctrines and mysteries on Earth and reveals clear logic, beauty and majesty of the Universe, in which EVERYONE OF US has important role to play.

There are no theories in this book. No wishful thinking or products of imagination of the author. This is an exact report of the Reality of the Universe.

There will be people who will not understand this book at all, even though it is written by a simple man, using a simple language, with examples comprehensible even by kids. There will be also others, who won't even TOUCH this book. Leave them in peace. Maybe they are not yet evolved enough, maybe they don't want to learn how much they don't know. There is no point in encouraging a kindergarten kid to study psychology or physics - a kid is simply not yet ready for it.

No matter how much we insist on defending our current beliefs, doctrines and traditions, nothing can change the TRUTH and the order established in the Universe. Rivers will always flow from their sources towards the ocean, even if a religion, sect or billions of people want to believe the opposite.

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