Above: Thao and Michel in front of interstellar spacecraft, that levitates when stationary. The diameter of the spacecraft is 80 meters. Propulsion system is explained here.

On the exact 35th anniversary of Michel Desmarquet journey to Thiaoouba, the spacecraft visited Dr Chalko at Mt Best. Its size in the sky was comparable to the full moon, as can be seen in the attached photos below. When Dr Chalko took these two photos - the spacecraft was about ~7 km above the remote uninhabited forest.

The elliptical halo around the spacecraft is the result of operation of a cyclotron that is involved in propulsion.

Circumstances described by Dr. Tom Chałko:

It was a full moon on 14 June 2022. It was getting dark and I was returning from an evening walk with my dog. As I do every evening, I was wondering whether my efforts in life, including my support for the message contained in the Thiaoouba Prophecy book, are sufficient.

A rainbow around the full moon doesn't happen often, so I decided to photograph it.

On the front door balcony of my house I took out my Samsung Galaxy S20+ smartphone from my pocket and tried photographing the full moon with a rainbow around it. After several failed attempts, I rested the phone on the balcony railing in an effort to eliminate any movement of the camera.

When I was ready - the spacecraft appeared between clouds and I took two good photos.

Considering that the spacecraft visited me on the exact 35th anniversary of Michel Desmarquet journey, I interpret this visit as a confirmation that my efforts to distribute and implement the message contained in the Thiaoouba Prophecy book are effective and deserve direct confirmation.

I am Thomas and I need proof. The above described circumstances indicate that my visitors made an effort to ensure that I received such proof in a material form, in case I had any doubts.

We know from Michel Desmarquet that a spacecraft cannot instantly appear from across the Galaxy. This implies that the spacecraft was nearby, likely observing me and my self-sufficient and sustainable setup. I wonder why...