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The continent Mu

The most developed civilization that existed on Earth - the continent of Mu also known as Lamar (between ~250,000 and ~14,500 years ago). The statues are 50 meters high. The pyramid is 440.01 m high.

For comparison, the largest pyramid in Egypt (the so-called pyramid of Cheops) is exactly 3 times smaller - its original height was 146.67 m.

The road leading to King Mu's palace, like all roads on this continent, was built of flat stone slabs cut by electro-ultrasound with an accuracy of 0.2 mm, assembled together so precisely that no joints were visible.

It was easier for the inhabitants of Mu to cut huge (up to several dozen tons) slabs from the hardest solid rock and transport them from the quarry several thousand kilometers by levitation than to make concrete screeds ... Roads made of solid stone remained functional for tens of thousands of years. Do you know anyone who could imagine a civilization functioning for tens of thousands of years?

The methods of cutting stone and neutralizing the gravitational force for transportation and construction were also used in the pyramid construction process.

Huge spherical lamps converted nuclear energy into visible light and shone continuously for thousands of years.


Not only koalas, kangaroos, wallabies and other marsupials are unique to Australia with their origin uncertain or unknown. One of the mysteries is Xanthorrhoea - the "grass tree".

This tree is highly unlikely to have evolved from anything on Earth, simply because it is not related to anything else that we can find here.

Not only the shape of the tree, but also the bark is highly unusual. It feels like a cork, but resembles a honeycomb structure. What could be the origin of Xanthorrhoea tree?

In Thiaoouba Prophecy book you will find an interesting story about the origin of Xanthorrhoea.