Thiaoouba Prophecy


If you have read this book with understanding, you should know answers to the following questions. If you don't know the answers, try to find them in the book.

  1. What is the "filter" between each of us and the Creator of the universe?
  2. Where is the psyche of man?
  3. What are the 5 main threats to humanity on Earth, according to the severity of the threat?
  4. Who destroyed the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, and why?
  5. Who gave Moses the ten commandments?
  6. In the history of mankind on Earth, only one earthling has achieved understanding of the Universe on his own. Who?
  7. What trajectories do planets, comets and asteroids follow around the sun?
  8. Why is the moon gradually approaching the Earth?
  9. What is the main source of the coming disasters on Earth?
  10. There are only 2 things that can reverse the process of universal human evolution. What are they?
  11. What is our soul made of? How long can it exist and function?
  12. This book criticizes all science on Earth because the result of an experiment has been ignored. What was this experiment about?
  13. What reduces physical body problems and speeds up the process of human evolution?
  14. What instrument on Earth should be used to communicate with people in our galaxy and to study parallel universes?
  15. Which part of planet Earth moves with speed 7 times greater than the speed of light?
  16. Interfering with what is one of the greatest crimes in the universe that man can commit?
  17. Which parts of the body in Golden Doko were scarred?
  18. What was the Moon before it became our Moon?
  19. What country is called "spiritually sterile land"?
  20. There is only one instrument that humans on Earth should invent. In which country was the prototype of such an instrument created?
  21. In what area are the greatest problems on Earth?
  22. Where is all understanding gained during a person's life stored?
  23. Suppose the inhabitants of each of the 9th category planets help the same number of planets. How many inhabited planets are there in our Galaxy?
  24. What was the height of the largest tsunami wave on Earth?
  25. Who was the last person to use the Great Pyramid in Egypt for its intended purpose?
  26. What part of man is immortal? Why?
  27. Who built the Great Pyramid in Egypt and when?
  28. How many years did it take to build the Great Pyramid in Egypt, including transporting materials?
  29. Which Egyptian Pharaoh authorized the exodus of the Hebrews from Egyptian slavery?
  30. How often are each of us in contact with the Higher Self?
  31. How much information can a single electron store?
  32. List the names of all the bodies that make up Man
  33. Where is the planet Bakaratini located?
  34. What is the so-called "spiritual healing" Jesus demonstrated?
  35. What material elements of the universe are used to store and process information in the universe? How long is the system containing these elements able to function?
  36. Which part of Man can heal disease and raise the dead?
  37. What is the best way to avoid problems with the physical body?
  38. Which elements of the universe are the most long-lived? What is their function?
  39. Can a camel go through a needle's eye? What is even more difficult to achieve and by whom?