Biography of Michel Desmarquet (1931-2018), written by Dr. Tom Chalko.

Michel Desmarquet was born in 1931 in Normandy, in the northern part of France. From childhood, he did not like the cool, cloudy and rainy weather in Normandy and dreamed of living in warm countries. When he was 16, France was recruiting for its military in central Africa.

Michel abandoned the agricultural school in which he studied and very cleverly forced his parents to agree for him to join military in Africa as an under-age recruit.

After the first day of drills, Michel realized that he had made a mistake. When the general arrived to inspect the recruits, Michel ran out of line, shook the general's hand and announced loudly that he wanted to go home. Everyone present burst out laughing because they had never seen anything like that before.

Michel's adventures in the French army in central Africa deserve a separate book. When he told me about them - when I visited him in 1996 - we both laughed so much that our stomach muscles ached nonstop for two weeks. To this day, in the French military in Africa, Michel's exploits are known, because their descriptions are passed down by soldiers from generation to generation. In short, Michel, with the help of his innate sense of humor, spoiled military discipline as much as he could and no disciplinary punishment had the intended effect.

France then waged a war in Vietnam and recruited Africans to fight for them in Vietnam. When Michel was sent to a military prison, where African natives were guards, he learned several local dialects. This skill allowed him to systematically spoil the plans of recruiting Africans to the French army in Vietnam with great success.

After nearly 2 years of Michel hilarious antics in the army, the French general in charge of the army invited Michel to his office and asked Michel what he wanted to stop disrupting discipline. Michel said "I want to go home" of course, but the general explained that it was not legally possible. Also, Michel spent most of his first 2 years of army "service" in jail, and the general explained that time in army jail did not count as the time of service. Michel then said "I want to grow vegetables for the army...". The general agreed, allocated a plot of land in the countryside away from the garnizon and employed several locals to help Michel cultivate the land.

Michel regained his freedom. He could go out of the garnizon any time he wanted for as long as he wanted to "supervise" his vegetable plantation. Soon the plantation produced more vegetables that the army needed and Michel, with help of the locals and his knowledge of local dialects, was selling excess of vegetables on local markets.

By the time he finished his military "service", Michel had enough money to buy a large share of a coffee plantation in Africa and became a plantation manager. He was 20...

More details about his life in Africa Michel described in his last book Nature's Revenge. The first ~20% of this book can be read free of charge by "looking inside".

After leaving Africa, and a brief period in France, Michel moved to New Caledonia in the Pacific Ocean.

Please let me share here a story Michel told me about his journey to New Caledonia by ship. On its way to New Caledonia the ship stopped in Bougainville island. Michel took his young Italian wife ashore to have a meal in a local bar. The bar was full of local black men. They approached Michel and his wife, one with a sharp knife, demanding Michel to surrender his wife to the crowd of men.

Michel stretched his hand towards the man with a knife and asked him to scratch it. When the man hesitated Michel told him: “Cut my hand, don't be afraid...” When Michel hand was bleeding, he asked the man to cut his own hand the same way. With both men hands bleeding Michel said: “ you see, your blood is the same color as mine... Inside we are the same... We are brothers...”

The bar started buzzing. All black men in the bar wanted to shake hands with Michel. Hostility was gone, replaced by hospitality, kindness and admiration. They have never seen any white man treating them like this. This story illustrates who Michel Desmarquet really was and how he was able to deal with danger and extreme adversity.

In New Caledonia Michel grew tomatoes. He then moved to Australia. He eventually settled on a farm on the edge of the tropical jungle near Cairns, built a house there and helped Australians maintain their tropical gardens, calling himself a "landscape architect".

Due to his exceptional strength of character, tested and proven during his hilarious adventures with the French army in Africa, Michel was chosen in June 1987 to make an interstellar journey through our galaxy, visit the biblical Thiaoouba ( Hebrew shortcut יהוה in the Old Testament) and report what he saw and heard without distortion.

Advanced people of biblical Thiaoouba (יהוה - the same people who gave Moses the Ten Commandments ~3,300 years ago) entrusted Michel a mission to write a book describing his visit to Thiaoouba containing the message of Thiaoouba to the present inhabitants of Earth.

The journey took place using the so-called "trans-substantiation", which is based on leaving space-time and returning to it elsewhere in our galaxy. Michel's book, Thiaoouba Prophecy, contains Michel's detailed account of this journey.

After returning to Earth, Michel encountered numerous difficulties. Since he has never written anything in his life, except letters to his parents, it took him ~3 years to write a book by hand in French under the telepathic guidance of Thao, his mentor from Thiaoouba.

Further difficulties arose after the book was translated into English and printed. In 1995, Michel funded the printing of 10,000 books in the US, but no bookstore wanted to sell them. In 1996, Michel abandoned the entire print run in the USA, because the printing house wanted a monthly fee for storing books.

In Australia, the first small print run was sold in 1993, but no bookstore wanted to sell the second print.

Almost no one on Earth believed Michel, not even the so-called UFO specialists and Michel became depressed. After his return to Earth, two consecutive wives left him and in 2000 Michel decided to completely abandon his mission along with the book, go to Vietnam to marry for a third time and finally achieve "peace of mind".

In 1996-1999 I organized several dozen public lectures for Michel, many of them in the largest auditoriums of the University of Melbourne, where I was an academic at the time. In 1997 I started the website to popularize Michel's book and its message around the world.

I was in contact with Michel almost daily at the time, clarifying numerous inaccuracies and ambiguities in the original English translation of the handwritten French manuscript. To clarify these inaccuracies, Michel had to carefully check the details in his French manuscript. Michel then entrusted me with the role of his "secretary" on the internet, declaring that I knew his book and the answers to all people's questions.

When Michel decided to abandon his book for a second time and go to Vietnam in 2000 - he offered me to buy the rights to the English edition of his book. Seeing my objection, Michel said, "if you don't want to buy publishing rights yourself - find me someone better than you." After a week, Michel called me to ask if I had found anyone. I had to admit that I didn't... I finally agreed to accept the obligation to publish and popularize his mission and the book, but on the condition that I could make the entire book available for download for free from the Internet.

To this day, a free English version of Michel's book with his 1996-1999 corrections is available at website bookshop under the title Thiaoouba Prophecy along with translations to 9 languages.

Few months before his death, Michel called me from Vietnam to tell me that Thao, his mentor from Thiaoouba, had visited him (in astral) and expressed satisfaction with the popularization of his mission and his book on Earth. This call brought me relief, because it confirmed that my efforts to popularize Michel's book and his mission since I started the website in 1997 had achieved the intended result.