Ask Children for help

Children can see auras easily and can greatly help us to see and understand Auras.

First you need to explain to a child how to look. Ask a child to look at the ant in the middle of one of colored circles below. To encourage child to look longer, ask if the ant smiles, has eyes or how many legs it has. Then ask the child what colors appear around the colored circles.

When the child understands how to look to see "other colors" we can ask it for help to see our own Aura.

Sit in front of a white wall and put a dark sticker on your forehead, about the size of an ant. Then ask the child to see the sticker on your forehead from about 2-3m away and see what your Aura is like. The next step is to give a child a printout of the "template" shown below or your own sketch of a silhouette, a set of crayons and ask to draw your aura in color.

You can conduct these "color and Aura" games regularly with your family and friends.

The next time a child looks at you to see your Aura - try to meditate or concentrate to amplify your Aura and make it even easier to see.