Concentration exercise 1

Place the picture in Fig 1 about 1.5 m in front of you. Look exactly at the black spot for 10-15 seconds or so and observe colored dots with your peripheral vision. Resist temptation to look anywhere else but the black spot.

Fig 1. Image for concentration exercise 1

Gradually you notice, that colored areas seem to be surrounded by the “Aura” of a different color. When peripheral sensors of our retina are steadily exposed for some time, our color sensations become different than when we use only the central vision. The longer you concentrate, the brighter is the “aura” around colored areas, because your sensitivity increases. Eventually the color of the "aura" becomes neon-like and very bright.

Yesterday you could look at this picture for hours and never see anything. Concentration at ONE spot for long enough is the key to increased sensitivity.

Rather than the true Aura, this exercise demonstrates the principle of how to look and what aspects of perception to exercise to eventually see human Auras. But first try other colors and make sure that you can identify all "colors around colors".