#1. Who was Aarioc?

#2. What is the best way to minimize problems with the physical body?

#3. What part of Earth moves faster than light?

#4. In what area the greatest problems on Earth exist?

#5. What part of Man can raise the dead?

#6. Which Egyptian Pharaoh allowed the exodus of the Hebrews from Egyptian slavery?

#7. What are the 5 MAIN threats to humanity on Earth? Select 5 items

Select all that apply:

#8. Which religion is best?

#9. Which part of Man can heal any disease?

#10. There is only one instrument that humans on Earth should invent. In which country was the prototype of such an instrument created?

#11. What instrument on Earth can be used to communicate with people in our galaxy and to study parallel universes?

#12. Why is the moon gradually approaching the Earth?

#13. What form of communication is free from language barriers?

#14. What/who existed before the Big Bang that brought this Universe to existance?

#15. In the history of mankind on Earth, only one earthling has achieved understanding of the Universe on his own. Who?

#16. Is there a barrier in the Universe between each of us and the Creator?

#17. What is our soul made of?