Thiaoouba Prophecy


Doko is an electromagnetic building, based on the principle of an atom. Force field around nucleus (the size of which is comparable to an egg) creates an "empty space" 30-80 meters in diameter suitable for habitation, protected from external elements such as wind and rain.

Lower part of doko is underground and can also rest on the bottom of a lake. It is impossible to "lift" or "move" the nucleus of a doko standing next to it, just as it is impossible for you to lift a chair on which you sit. Surface of the doko is semi-transparent. It is impossible to see the inside from the outside, but when we are inside - the walls of doko seem "invisible" creating a sensation of being outdoor.

Enoch (who lived for 622 years and was grandfather of Noah) visited Thiaoouba ~1187 years after Hebrews landed on Earth and ~471 years before The Flood that destroyed most of humanity on Earth. Enoch described dokos in his book (The Book of Enoch) as "crystal palaces". Illustration and explanation by Dr Tom Chalko. Michel Desmarquet personally confirmed that Enoch visited Thiaoouba.

Golden doko on an island on Thiaoouba. When Michel Desmarquet saw this illustration he said that it looks like a photograph of what he saw.