Frequently Asked Questions

The following responses to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) are published by Dr. Tom Chalko, who organized over 50 public lectures by Michel Desmarquet and has been in direct personal and telephone contact with Michel in the period 1995-2017. In 1996, Michel authorized Dr. Chalko to create the website, conduct online correspondence for him and answer questions related to the book.

Q1: What is the pronunciation of Thiaoouba?

A: Thiaoouba is a representation of a word where "T" is almost silent and "b" is the sound between "b" and "v". The people of Thiaoouba "sing" the word by extending the syllables. A double "oo" indicates where the greatest "o" extension is.

In the late 1990's, a Hebrew man I knew for many years was very interested in this pronunciation. When he visited me, I called Michel and asked him to try to "sing" Thiaoouba word over the phone for my Hebrew guest the best he could remember. When the Hebrew man heard the pronunciation of Michel Desmarquet on the phone - he became shocked, speechless, turned pale, quickly left and I never saw him again.

Thiaoouba (nickname יהוה) is the most common word in the Hebrew Bible (the Old Testament), because it is the name of "angels", who caused the flood at the time of Noah, who turned the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah into the Dead Sea, who helped Moses lead the Hebrews out of Egyptian slavery and who gave Moses the ten commandments ~3,300 years ago.

"Angel", who advised Moses what to do to achieve exodus of Hebrews from Egyptian slavery during the time of the Pharaoh Seti I (~1277 BC), very clearly and personally told Moses that his name was Thiaoouba and instructed Moses to tell people to use the name Thiaoouba "from generation to generation." Moses faithfully recorded this request in the Bible, but the Hebrew clergy soon forbade people to pronounce the name...

יהוה (the most frequent word in the Old Testament - Hebrew Torah) is actually a shortcut or a "nickname" introduced by scribes to reinforce clergy ban of pronouncing Thiaoouba properly. Some Hebrew clerics know the real pronunciation of Thiaoouba and pass it in secret from generation to generation. This explains why the Hebrew man was fully shocked hearing Frenchman Michel Desmarquet pronouncing Thiaoouba.

The Hebrew man realized, that contemporary Hebrew people no longer deserve to be contacted directly by Thiaoouba יהוה and that waiting for their "messiah" does not make any sense... It also means that not single Hebrew man on Earth could be found fit to carry the message from Thiaoouba יהוה . Can you see why?

It is worth noting, that ~2000 years ago Jesus repeatedly complained that

"...the scribes took the keys of knowledge and hid them. They did not understand themselves, and they do not allow others to understand" (Gospel of Thomas 39, Luke 11:52)

Jesus was speaking to Hebrew people, referring to the book widely known then and known today as "The Old Testament" or "Torah - 5 books of Moses". One key thing that scribes hid was the name Thiaoouba under a shortcut יהוה. This is serious, because יהוה is the most frequent word in the Torah, the Hebrew version of the Old Testament and hiding such word caused the entire text to lose its meaning.

Q2: It's impossible to go to the other end of the galaxy, live there for a few days, and come back in 10 days, even at the speed of light. How do you explain your trip?

A: Michel told me that his journey was made using what he called "trans-substantiation". The main part of the galactic journey does not take place in space-time, but outside it.

You can only leave space-time (or return to it) at a sufficient distance from the nearest star, otherwise you will explode. To be in an interstellar space far enough from the nearest star - the spacecraft traveled for many hours with a speed exceeding the speed of light.

So, Michel's journey had 3 stages:

  1. traveling into interstellar space with a speed exceeding the speed of light.
  2. "Tran-substantiation" (leaving space-time and returning to it in another interstellar location in the galaxy), and then
  3. approaching the destination, again with a speed exceeding the speed of light.

The whole one-way trip took about two of our days. "Transubstantiation" was an almost instant process that Michel did not notice. Please read the Thiaoouba Prophecy book again, paying attention to details.

Q3. Do you have any material proof?

A. Do you mean "technology"? No. This is exactly what our friends did not want us to know. We don't need any more material technology on Earth.

Giving us more technology is like giving toddlers machine guns and a box of grenades to play with. We have no idea what we are doing with our consciousness and with Nature around us. We are unable to deal with our current "technology". We use it to destroy each other as well as the planet.

The Book contains fascinating examples of REAL technology that we lost on Earth many thousands of years ago, such as gravity control, interstellar space travel through the galaxy, telepathic and space communication across the Galaxy, electro-photonics, science of consciousness, to name just a few.

Our friends also provided us with extensive explanations of many "mysteries" on Earth for Michel to include in his book. Some of these "mysteries" will be verified in the future ...

Q4. The English edition of Thiaoouba Prophecy is known by several titles. Why?

O. Michel originally wanted to use the name of the planet Thiaoouba in the title, but the editor of the first English edition persuaded him to use the title of "Abduction to the 9th planet" to sensationalize the book.

But this title is misleading. Firstly, it was not a "abduction" but a fascinating and fully conscious visit, and secondly, Michel visited not the 9th planet but a 9th category planet.

Michel knew that no sentence in his book could be proven to be untrue. Except for the title "Abduction to the 9 th planet", which was suggested to him and which actually contradicts the contents of the book.

An attempt to create a sensation with the title turned out to be ineffective. No bookstore in the US or Australia wanted to sell his book. Michel was forced to abandon 10,000 books printed in the USA, because the printing press requested a monthly fee for storing the books. Michel then decided to include the name of the planet Thiaoouba in the title as he had originally intended.

After much discussion, Michel agreed to the title "Thiaoouba Prophecy" because the book does indeed contain prophecies for the inhabitants of the Earth.

We printed the book jacket with the new title and after Michel left for Vietnam in 2001, we managed to sell the second Australian edition of the book.

The book, under the title Thiaoouba Prophecy, became well known around the world. The English text of the book published with this title contains corrections of the inaccuracies of the original English translation. Prompted by my questions, arising from my efforts to translate the book into Polish and Russian, Michel clarified and corrected these inaccuracies in 1996-99 by carefully checking the ambiguously translated English sentences with his French handwritten manuscript.

As I helped Michel arrange translations of his book into other languages, I felt they should have been made from his French manuscript. But after years of correcting the inaccuracies of the English translation, Michel decided that all translations should be made from the English text of Thiaoouba Prophecy.

The English edition of Thiaoouba Prophecy can be downloaded for free from the online bookstore linked to

Q5. What is the main message of the Thiaoouba Prophecy book?

A. The message from Thiaoouba to humanity on Earth is that Man exists physically for the sole purpose of developing spiritually... Material technology - without spiritual knowledge - leads us to an inevitable global catastrophe on Earth. Technology should HELP spiritual development and should not be used (as it is used today) to enslave people within a monetary system and a materialistic world that are temporary anyway.

We are focusing our attention more on our physical body at the moment, but this is a serious mistake. Our body, like everything material, is in fact temporary, while our psyche, being a part of our Astral body, never dies ...

We should concentrate on developing the mind and the psyche… The people of Thiaoouba also emphasize the importance of our individual free will.

We all have free will and it is up to us to discipline ourselves to develop spiritually. Imposing one's free will on someone else, in a way that deprives this person of the right to use his own free will, is one of the GREATEST CRIMES (in the Universe) that a person can commit ... "

It becomes clear, that functioning of humanity on Earth is based on the worst possible principles, perpetuating greatest crimes against humanity and the Universe. Most people are being forced to follow the herd with no one knowing where the heard aims to go and why ...

In Thiaoouba Prophecy book, you can find not only a complete diagnosis of the current situation, but also detailed instructions on what to do and why. In particular, how problems like ours were overcome on other planets like ours.

What matters most is the context of this information: the purpose of our existence as shown by the advanced people in our galaxy who have themselves passed through our level of development long, long ago. You have to really read Thiaoouba Prophecy book several times before we can discuss more about it.

Q6: Is there any chance to fly to Thiaoouba?

A: The people of Thiaoouba take one person from Earth approximately once every one hundred years. You wouldn't want to go there. Michel is very sad when he talks about Thiaoouba. Imagine being shown a paradise only to be told it's not for you. Michel wanted to be there but could not.

And when he came back, he suddenly found himself in opposition to most of the people on Earth, including his family, in opposition to science, customs, religious beliefs, way of life ... Even in opposition to all UFO researchers ... It is very difficult to live on Earth these days when you KNOW truth.

Q7: Do they have restrooms on Thiaoouba?

A: Of course. On Thiaoouba, they use a device that looks like our toilet, but causes waste to instantly disapear - break down into elementary particles I guess. There is no water, no paper, no smell, nothing like that. Michel was concerned that this machine would break down his private parts ...

Q8: The people of Thiaoouba are carrying a message of love. How does this relate to killing people in a parallel universe?

A: People have been in the parallel universe for thousands or even millions of years. Killing their physical bodies is a kind of favor, because their astral bodies are released and they can then evolve through reincarnation.

If people stuck in a parallel universe do not have the knowledge to get out of there, they exist as long as the planet, which is a while. There's nothing wrong with it. We have time (approximately 1021 years) to evolve our consciousness. I suppose events in a parallel universe were part of a lesson for Michel and for us.

Q9: What happened to the dinosaurs?

A: They became extinct when one of the two smaller moons collided with Earth ~5 million years ago, causing global catastrophe, flood, etc... Earth had two smaller moons before the one we have now. Why are you asking about dinosaurs? It is PEOPLE that will soon become extinct on Earth.

Q10. What do you know about the needles the people of Thiaoouba twice removed from their orbit around the Earth?

A. 11 years after Michel's visit to Thiaoouba, in August 1998, in Scientific American, the leading scientific journal on Earth, publishing the articles of many Nobel laureates, page 43 (page 63 in the U.S. edition) explains:

80 needle loads were placed (in orbit) in May 1963 as part of a telecommunications experiment (?) Conducted by the US Department of Defense. The pressure of solar radiation (???) pushed all the tiny needles out of orbit - a whole 400 million needles."

This article confirms that these needles were "stuck" together and moved to an orbit higher than the orbit into which they were originally released. Now try to estimate the weight (mass) of 400 million needles and imagine using "solar radiation" to move them on a higher orbit...

Q11: This Book is great. But material reality is SO overwhelming. I feel helpless.

A: Michel and I share your frustration. But everything is ultimately done by individuals. The change must be started by people like you and me who don't follow the herd.

Humans on Earth appear to be mental paralytics in our Galaxy. Every creature, including all animals on Earth, communicates telepathically, but people on Earth are not....

Nevertheless, if enough people (critical mass) have the right attitude, many others will adapt - telepathically.

Q12: You should do what you preach. Why are you charging money for the book?

A: We tried to ask that editors and printers do their work for free. It was not possible.

In addition, people on Earth are so attached to the material world that they DO NOT VALUE anything that is free (such as fresh air for example). We tried to give away the book for free only to find it later in the nearest rubbish bin ...

What is YOUR reaction when someone tries to give you a free book at the supermarket?

Since 2000, a PDF version of the English book Thiaoouba Prophecy can be downloaded for free, along with many translations.

Q13: How do the people of Thiaoouba view the spiritual life and religions on Earth?

A: On the surface, most religions preach love, yet their purpose is to confuse and mislead people for TWO reasons: money and the power to manipulate people. Their tool is often fear, which they introduce to gain control. For example, the Catholic clergy removed reincarnation from the Bible and added Satan so that they could murder and torture people in the name of God and love, under the pretext of "fighting" with Satan. Most wars are a direct consequence of religious "brainwashing." Have you seen what they did to the "first commandment" of their own faith originally given to Moses by people from Thiaoouba?

The message from Thiaoouba is that the most beautiful temple of man is INSIDE us and has always been. To get there you should meditate and then concentrate, which is not the same, although teachers on Earth usually confuse the two.

We should grow up, abandon the pointless rituals, and stop following the herd led by those who abuse us.

All religions, cults, sects etc. are really dangerous. They were created after the death of great people (Christ, Buddha, etc.) by people who had only two things in mind: money and power. Religions are the true curse on Earth because they are the source of erroneous spiritual information. They block people through fear, propaganda and rituals. Following religions, humans stop thinking and follow the herd.

"The kingdom of God is within you," as it is said in the Bible, which once contained good information. Unfortunately, the clergy and scribes removed a lot of vital information ("removed keys to knowledge" as Jesus put it (see Gospel of Thomas (39), and Luke (11:52)), preventing people from understanding what was going on and preventing people from becoming consciously independent. Why? It is impossible to brainwash and control consciously independent people...

As you may have guessed, God doesn't need intermediaries ... When you are looking for true love, you don't go to a prostitute. When you seek God, you don't go to an institution that does business and demands your money claiming to represent God.

Q14: The Internet is full of information on the Grays, Reptilians, TauCetis, Cassiopeans, Arcturians, Andromidans etc. But nothing about Thiaooubans?

A: There are endless possibilities to twist the truth. People on Earth who play with theories, fairy tales and scary stories - are not yet ready for the Reality of the Universe ...

Thiaoouba יהוה is the most common word used in the Hebrew version of the Old Testament (Bible). The scribes and translators turned it from Hebrew to Yehov or YHWH and then to "Lord". You have to admit that this word has been known on Earth for thousands of years ...

The "Angel from Thiaoouba", in the first contact with Moses, demanded that future generations would call him Thiaoouba - יהוה. To this day, this demand is recorded in the Hebrew version of the Old Testament (Exodus).

The clergy quickly twisted it, and the Hebrews for centuries were forbidden to pronounce this name aloud... God is God and YHWH is Thiaoouba - יהוה - the name of a planet where everyone is at least as spiritually developed as Moses, Buddha or Jesus.

Q15: Some UFO books speak of "battles" between advanced extraterrestrials. Is it true?

A: There are no battles for Earth or anything at all among advanced (enlightened, highly developed) humans. Can not be.

Truly advanced (enlightened, highly evolved) people can create whatever material object they want with only thoughts and imagination. For this reason our ancestors on Earth called them "gods" ...

In addition, all material things, including the sun, planets, galaxies, etc., are actually TEMPORARY. Each atom is just a vibration of space itself and will eventually fall apart into nothingness.

The truly eternal thing is consciousness - intelligence, sense of humor, etc ... and it is impossible to "fight" for that. Everyone in the universe must learn all the lessons individually.

Q16: The book contains many facts that are known from various sources on Earth, some of them overlap. Why?

A: Michel's mission is to straighten out all confused facts and put them in proper perspective as well as in order of importance.

Q17: Other UFO "abductees" tell many sensational stories that are chilling in the veins. What do you think?

A: Michel KNOWS which "abductees" are just faking their experiences, but he is not allowed to talk about it. People on Earth are to discover for themselves where the truth is. This is our homework: we must see the truth for ourselves.

Remember, the people of Thiaoouba will NEVER do a homework for anyone. They will only ensure that everyone has enough hints and guidelines to follow.

Remember that FEAR is the easiest feeling that can be evoked and it paralyzes your logic. For centuries, clergy and governments have used fear-based techniques to control the crowd. Anyone who contributes to the spread of fear is not aware of the Universal Law of the Universe.

Q18: Say something about the Grays and other aliens seen on Earth?

A: There are certain races of people with a similar level of mentality to ours who visit us on Earth. Michel got telepathic approval from Thiaoouba in 1995 to speak about the Grays in front of USA television cameras. The Grays are also from the "planet of sorrow" like us, and on their planet have completely lost their immune system as a result of what they considered "civilized" activities.

In short, they will die out very quickly. They have the technology to go to Earth and watch our immune system loss because we were have started to lose our immune system in 1948. They hope that by watching our reactions they will be able to help themselves. They put implants in ~150 people on Earth worldwide (not 5 million as some say) with monitoring devices. People of Thiaoouba are watching their actions (as they are watching ours) and they clearly told Michel that this was not a danger to earthlings.

Q19: What was the food like on Thiaoouba? What did you eat for dinner?

A: People on Thiaoouba drink half a cup of what they call a hydromel once a day or so. Michel didn't like it, but he had to admit that it was extremely nutritious. Eating too much seems to interfere with consciousness and conscious development. On Thiaoouba, small meals are prepared and always ready to eat. Each dish is produced in such a way that its digestion period lasts for many hours so that no one feels hungry and lacks energy between meals.

Q20: I got caught between two worlds: material and spiritual. Which location would be appropriate?

A: Material technology should HELP our spiritual growth. If it is used to litter our mind with wrong information, horror and violence, or to poison and destroy the planet, then it is being misused. There is no problem with duality: we are truly eternal astral beings taking lessons in physical bodies. The only purpose of our physical existence is spiritual development.

Whatever happens around us is part of this lesson. Our learning tool is our free will. We should use it to make a continuous series of choices in our lives and pay attention to their results. The goal is to understand the consequences of our choices. If we disregard a lesson (don't learn it) then we will have to repeat it in the next life. If we persist and not learn, our consciousness will be erased and the process of its development will start from the very beginning

Q21: Where is Thiaoouba?

A: We don't know - there were no signposts on the way. Our Sun is barely visible from there, which means that Thiaoouba and our Sun are on the same side of our galaxy. The fact that our Sun (with known luminosity) is still visible to the naked eye from there indicates, that Thiaoouba is likely within ~100 light years away.

Q22: Is there any way we can communicate with the people of Thiaoouba?

A: The only way to communicate with them was through the use of telepathy through the Great Pyramid, which has been thoroughly vandalized, and we have neither the technology nor the knowledge to fix it.

Of course, on Thiaoouba they have the knowledge to send us a one-way telepathic message whenever they wish. But most people on Earth don't even know how to listen. The people of Thiaoouba often visit and monitor us on Earth. It is possible to make contact on such occasions, but it is solely at the initiative of Thiaoouba.

The people of Thiaoouba are watching us just as teachers are watching students in school. If anyone of us has good ideas and stands out by conscious development and progress, when his/her actions can help other earthlings in spiritual development - such a person can receive direct help from Thiaoouba. If actions of such a person are important for humanity on Earth and help from Thiaoouba cannot be conveyed telepathically, the people of Thiaoouba are prepared to come in their spacecraft to help such a person understand where he/she is making a mistake. So, from a practical point of view, to get direct contact with the people of Thiaoouba - you have to earn it with your intentions and actions.

Q23: What do the scientists say about the Book?

A: After the first edition of the book was published in Australia in 1994, Michel had a live radio interview with a group of physicists and scientists in Melbourne who had studied his book thoroughly and attacked its credibility very ferociously.

Michel asked them, "Have you read my book?" "Yes, several times," they replied. Then Michel asked them, "You are scientists and physicists: show me ONE SENTENCE from my book that you can prove with your instruments and knowledge that it is a lie."

Guess what happened. They couldn't find a single such sentence. It was all live on air. It was in 1994 and they are still looking. In the years 1998-2005, I conducted an internet competition with a cash prize. No one could find such a sentence.

Q24: What do skeptical scientists say?

A: Basically they say that Thiaoouba book is fiction or even nonsense until they really read it. One prominent academic has argued for a long time saying that he doesn't read paranoia and nonsense. He is a skeptic. He finally agreed to read the book as a "science fiction" novel. When I asked him what he thought about this book after reading it, he replied, 'Well, I think there are three possibilities:

  1. This is a lie. In this case, I must admit that it is the BEST lie I have encountered, and possibly the best lie of the century. It fits so well with our past and present and with our knowledge (and the lack of it) that it is simply beyond belief.
  2. This guy (Michel) is a literary genius. It's kind of like Einstein + 100 * J. Verne ... (my comment: Michel didn't graduate from agricultural high school and hadn't written anything before this book, except letters to his mother)
  3. This is actually true.

You need to read the book several times to decide which option is the most probable.

Q25: Do they have money on Thiaoouba? What do they say about money?

A: No, they have no monetary form at all on Thiaoouba. They say the monetary system is the real curse on Earth.

Most people on Earth are completely enslaved by the monetary system (for example, by taking a job and a loan). They pay interest all their lives, and it will never occur to them that by doing so, they are helping to solidify the very system that makes them slaves.

A few individuals (12 families or so) control the entire monetary system on Earth. Most people don't even know who they are, they hide behind the banks they own. They managed to convince most of the people on Earth that making money is the ultimate goal in life.

They throw dollars around to get people to help them, compete, fight for them, ready to kill and even start a war. They also lend money to governments, and as a result every person and every country becomes a dollar-controlled puppet. Guess who benefits the most.

Q26: Do they have schools, libraries, etc. on Thiaoouba?

Oh no. They don't even use pen or paper. Their learning, education is directly telepathic: fast communication between minds. They obtain their information by telepathically connecting to the Source. And they remember everything. Can you imagine a planet where everyone is as highly evolved as Jesus?

As for anyone in the Universe, the main limit to learning is the ability to understand and imagine. For this reason improving the ability to understand and imagine is one of the main goals of spiritual evolution.

Q27: How long does one live on Thiaoouba?

A: As long as they want. Millions of years if they so wish. And their physical bodies are forever young because they can consciously regenerate every cell in their body at will.

Q28: Do they have telecommunications (phones) on Thiaoouba?

Oh no. They use telepathy. For information, images, feelings, teaching, knowledge, anything in general.

Q29: The people of Thiaoouba seem very serious. What are they doing for entertainment?

A: They seem to get good news every few seconds. They also live as long as they want and look 20 all the time. Imagine what they can learn and have fun having by living for a million years or so. They have plenty of time to relax, meditate, swim in the ocean, sunbathe etc. I think their most favorite thing to connect with the SOURCE of consciousness - leaving their physical bodies to experience freedom from material limitations.

Q30: On Thiaoouba they eat SO little, after all, the enjoyment of eating is trying out new flavors to gain new sensations?

A: Eating is only pleasure for some of us, and in fact it is very LOW level pleasure. We overeat and then we get sick. We even become addicted to certain types of food without even realizing it. Their sense of pleasure has more to do with the MIND and the continual satisfaction in helping others in learning the Universal Law. Eating seems to be a serious OBSTACLE to spiritual development. For example, try to concentrate after a 10-course festive season meal. I bet you will feel like sleeping and you will not be full of energy and alertness.

Q31: What is the spaceship from Thiaoouba like?

A: Long range spacecraft has a perfectly spherical shape, metallic shine, ~80 meters in diameter, no door, no hatches whatsoever, levitates when not traveling in space. You enter it by levitating with a special instrument, through a kind of piston that opens when you approach. When inside, huge three-dimensional holographic displays with incredible clarity, color, zoom etc ... are used to observe the outside world.

Q32: What are the people of Thiaoouba? Were you afraid?

A: The people of Thiaoouba are nice, kind, affectionate and understanding. But Michel felt mentally like a preschooler with them. Thao (Michel's mentor) was constantly amused by his reaction to the various things he saw and learned there. They are wise and well informed, it is unbelievable. Can you imagine a planet where everyone is as evolved as Jesus or Moses? Many times when I asked Michel questions, he had tears in his eyes as he thought about them.

Q33: Has anyone noticed that you were gone for 10 days?

A: The whole family of Michel was very worried when he suddenly disappeared in the middle of the night. Since he had left a note for them (as his new friends had instructed him telepathically), they didn't notify the police but were VERY worried, even when Michel returned.

Q34: Some people say that the aliens are preparing an invasion of Earth. Is it true?

A: False alarms: there is no invasion. Can not be. Earth is extremely close to a global ecological and geophysical (planetary) catastrophe and therefore is very unlikely to be a travel target for anyone intelligent.

When Michel was asked this question in one of his lectures, his answer was as follows:

"Have you ever been to a zoo?" - "yes ..." answered the surprised author of the question.

"Have you seen monkeys there?" - "well ... yes" was the answer.

"Would you like to move to a zoo to live with the monkeys?" - the whole audience burst out laughing and the author of the question quickly left.

After the lecture, on our way to the restaurant, I asked Michel why he used the monkey comparison. "I don't know. I felt that it was necessary to explain it bluntly to avoid wasting time on nonsense, ”replied Michel.

On Earth, we are at the very bottom of conscious development in the Universe. Comparing us with monkeys seems blunt, but that's how Michel felt it ...

Q35: What do people on Thiaoouba wear?

A: All the people on Thiaoouba wear vividly colorful robes that match their aura.

Q36: How do people on Thiaoouba feel about making love?

A: They say when we enter the forest we cannot see the trees. We have lost the meaning and sense of the Reality of the Universe.

Q37. In Chapter 7, Thao states that the moon will collide with the Earth in approximately 195,000 years. Our scientists' measurements show that the moon moves away from the Earth about 1 cm / year. Doesn't that refute the book?

(answer by Dr. Tom Chalko)

Part 1: History

The text of the Bible (Book of Genesis) says Enoch, great grandfather of Noah, was 365 years old when he was taken by Thiaoouba (= יהוה), like Michel Desmarquet in 1987. After Enoch came back, he wrote a book, like Michel Desmarquet. An important part of the Book of Enoch are solar and lunar calendars. According to these calendars, in times of Enoch (~980 years after Hebrews unfortunate landing on Earth) the solar year was 364 days and the lunar year (12 lunar months) was 6 days shorter*.

TODAY the lunar year is about 11 days shorter than the solar year. This means that while the orbit of Earth around the Sun has not changed much since times of Enoch, the Moon is approximately 0.7% CLOSER to Earth today than in times of Enoch. This confirms information in The Book that the moon is on a spiral orbit around Earth and gradually approaches Earth

*From THE COMPLETE BOOK OF ENOCH, Standard English Version, ISBN 9781370207848, Book 4 - Kingdom of Heaven - Ch. 2 - The Luminaries of Heaven: 55. And the over-plus of the sun and of the stars amounts to six days: in 5 years 6 days every year come to 30 days: and the moon falls behind the sun and stars to the number of 30 days. 56. And the sun and the stars bring in all the years exactly, so that they do not advance or delay their position by a single day unto eternity; but complete the years with perfect justice in 364 days.

Part 2: contemporary measurements and conclusions

Correctness of conclusions, including the so-called "scientific", depends on the assumptions made (and omitted) when drawing them. Therefore, you must analyze the method and assumptions our scientists make with the same skepticism that you use to study the book.

The method of measuring the distance of the Earth from the Moon is based on bouncing light (laser pulses) from reflectors on the moon's surface and measuring the time taken for the reflected light to reach sensors on the Earth's surface .

By "distance" between the Earth and the Moon, we should mean the distance between their centers of gravity because locations of centers of gravity actually determine their mutual trajectories.

But laser measurements measure the distance between surfaces of the Earth and the moon, not a distance between their centers of gravity. The conclusion you are quoting is based on the assumption that the positions of the centers of gravity of the Earth and the moon are constant (unchanging) in both objects and that they do not change with time.

In fact, neither the Earth nor the moon are rigid bodies. Their interiors are partially fluid and semi-solid. The location of their centers of gravity changes over time and depends on the so-called "tides" (differential gravitational forces of mutual attraction).

As a result of the tides, the centers of gravity of both the Earth and the moon are eccentric in relation to their surfaces. The moon's center of gravity is shifted toward the Earth, and the Earth's center of gravity is shifted toward the moon, both with phase shifts.

In the case of the Earth rotating around its axis, the tides that move its eccentric solid inner core are the source of heat inside the planet. Tides moving Earth's inner core produce about 45% of the heat produced by the planet's interior and prevent it from cooling down.

As the Earth's interior overheats, due to the greenhouse effect in the atmosphere, the tidal eccentricity of the Earth's center of gravity increases year by year. The measurement that the surface of the moon is "moving away" from the Earth is a signal of a dangerous imbalance in the Earth's interior, and this should be an extremely urgent alarm for humanity.

See the article and the lecture below for further information.

"Not the appearances, but what is behind them is the most important."

Q38: Did Michel have contact with Thiaoouba after returning to Earth?

Yes. As he was writing the book by hand in French, Michel had frequent telepathic contact with Thao, who dictated to him and reminded him of the details. The next telepathic contact came in 1995, before Michel appeared on television cameras in the USA. Michel was then given permission to discuss some details of the visits to Earth by different races in our Galaxy.

From what Michel told me, his "personal" astral contact with Thao after his return to Earth happened only twice, both by the astral method - without physical contact.

The method of astral contact is possible when both souls (astral bodies) are separated from their physical bodies. In certain phases of sleep, each person's soul (astral body) leaves the physical body to reunite with the Higher Self, which is actually the main function of sleep. Astral contact most often occurs just before the soul returns to the physical body before its morning awakening. Please read the book Thiaoouba Prophecy and try to pay attention to the details of astral travel and functions of Higher Self.

The first astral contact occurred when Michel prepared the English edition of the Thiaoouba Prophecy book for printing in Australia. Thao then showed Michel some details of his most recent (80th) life that he had not been shown on Thiaoouba. Michel then understood why he had to return to the planet of sorrow: in his previous (80th) life he had made serious mistakes. I do not feel authorized to describe these mistakes here.

The second astral contact occurred few months before Michel's death. Michel then called me from Vietnam to tell me that Thao had expressed her satisfaction with the process of popularizing the book Thiaoouba Prophecy on Earth, for which I had taken responsibility since I started the website in 1997.

Q39: Where can I find the biography of Michel Desmarquet?

A: here

Q40: Subject not mentioned?

Michel asked Thao many things to which she responded with total silence (both verbal and telepathic). Some of these situations are clearly described in the book.

There is a reason for everything people from Thiaoouba communicate to us and there is a reason for anything they do not mention. There is a reason for everything mentioned in the Thiaoouba Prophecy book and there is a reason for anything that is not mentioned.

It is our conscious homework to figure out what these reasons are.