Consciousness and Immortality

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What is Consciousness?

Consciousness is a system of information processing. By “information processing” here we mean creating, sorting, interpreting, understanding, encoding, storing, retrieving, translating, transmitting, receiving, implementing and utilizing information.

What is the difference between Consciousness and a computer, that is also a system of information processing?

Consciousness is a system of information processing that is aware of itself.

There are no computers that are aware of themselves. A computer doesn't mind if it is turned on or off. To a computer it does not matter if it is used by an artist or by a criminal.

Role of information in biology

Reliable passing of information from generation to generation is necessary for reproduction of living organisms. From a carrot seed we cannot grow an oak tree or any other plant - only a carrot can grow from a carrot seed.

Passing information from generation to generation is also the essence of evolution. New generations of living organisms implement what previous generations had learnt.

The necessary condition for information to exist

What is necessary for information to exist? The necessary condition for information to exist is encoding. In other words, information cannot exist without being encoded.

Encoding of information cannot be random, because randomly encoded information would not be retrievable. During the process that we call Life this encoding is highly reliable.

The Consequence

Encoding of information had to exist before any living organism could reproduce and before any evolution could take place, simply because passing information from generation to generation is necessary for both reproduction and evolution of living organisms.

Now we can solve the famous puzzle: “what was first, chicken or egg?”. The logical answer is that the first was the system of encoding information...

So, before Life appeared in the Universe, there had to exist a reliable system of information encoding. From our brief discussion presented above it seems obvious that

existence of Life and Consciousness
should be considered in the context of the entire Universe.

Restricting the context in any way can only lead to misleading conclusions.

Encoding of information in the Universe

Scientists on Earth today are acutely aware of the phenomenal capacity of quantum information processing. For this reason they try in a great hurry to construct so-called “quantum computers”.

Since quantum information processing is a natural capability of the Universe since its very beginning, it is highly likely that the Universe itself is already using it.

Unfortunately, the fundamental quantum information processing of the Universe itself is banned from consideration here on Earth.

In the beginning of the 21st century science on Earth firmly believes that the basis of all quantum processes in the Universe is chaos.

Belief in chaos and randomness of quantum processes was initiated by some famous people in the past century, who failed to imagine an explanation for “apparently random” behavior of elementary particles such as electrons.

As a result of this glaring lack of imagination, the so-called “uncertainty principle” [1] has been adopted as a foundation of all sciences on Earth.

The uncertainty principle, in its essence, brutally averages-out all traces of the quantum information processing of the Universe and estimates “probabilities” of some primitive set of locally averaged quantum events.

The most famous critic of the uncertainty principle as a way to describe the fundamental activity of the Universe was Albert Einstein, who insisted that “God does not play dice”. Unfortunately, like all his contemporaries, he failed to imagine and propose a plausible explanation for apparently random behavior of elementary particles such as electrons. In the absence of intelligent critics, the uncertainty principle gained the status of a sanctified dogma that is not even allowed to be questioned.

However, quantum-domain information processing in the Universe continues and will continue everywhere, no matter how many authorities and laureates choose to deny it...

Where is Consciousness?

Prof. Penfield, a famous neurosurgeon, after a lifetime of expert brain surgery practice and research insisted [2] that the source of human consciousness is definitely not anywhere in the brain.

On the other hand, many people, who survived so-called “clinical death”, reported “seeing” their non-functioning physical bodies along with their exact environment “from a distance”, while remaining fully conscious and able to move levitating effortlessly, passing through walls, to any place they choose [3]. These witness reports imply that, in certain conditions, human consciousness can be separated from the physical body to exist and function separately [3][6].

History provides us with more hints. There exists a book on Earth that begins with a sentence:

Who understands what is said here
- will not taste death

This book is called today The Gospel of Thomas [4] and the author of the above sentence is Jesus, who himself publicly demonstrated immortality of consciousness, by coming back to life on the 3rd day after being killed and buried.

The Gospel of Thomas and The Book of Thomas have both been removed from religious literature and all their known copies were destroyed. However, in 1945, a clay jar containing readable copies of these books was excavated in Egypt [4]. The first page of the papyrus copy of The Gospel of Thomas is enclosed.

Many translations of The Gospel of Thomas exist today [11],[13] allowing us to seek understanding of the interpretation mentioned in its first sentence.

In essence, in virtually all his parables and sayings, Jesus made reference to consciousness, its functioning, evolution and what to do to advance it and maintain its functionality.


In virtually all civilisations on Earth, ancient and contemporary, primitive and advanced exists a concept of “soul” or “spirit”. Since time immemorial it was “obvious” to all these civilisations that “soul” or “spirit” contains our Consciousness and can exist quite separately from our physical body.

Since these civilisations existed in different epochs, on different continents, and never communicated with one another – it is likely that their common beliefs had origin in the Reality that they perceived observing functionality of their own consciousness.

What could be our soul made of? In other words, what could be a material “carrier” of the quantum-information processing system in our soul? Of all quantum-domain particles around us, the most likely candidates are electrons.

The main reason for it is that “free” electrons, independent of atoms, exist everywhere around us in huge numbers. These free electrons are attracted to each other and to objects that have “mass” by a range of phenomena broadly called “static electricity” [5][6], the same phenomena that give Earth its negative electrical potential.

Thao [6] stated that our individual “soul”, or “astral body”, contains 4*1021 electrons. These electrons are quantum-entangled (information-interconnected and interfaced) with one another and with all electrons in the Universe.

This means that our Consciousness is an inseparable part of the information processing system of the Universe.

Quantum-domain information processing system of the Universe is capable of providing our consciousness with a connectivity to the Universe, while also giving us privacy and individuality of thoughts and feelings that we enjoy everyday.


As we know, our physical bodies age, die and disintegrate. Electrons however, are practically indestructible. Even a nuclear blast cannot destroy electrons.

While electrons seem to be able to take care of themselves to exist “forever” (about 1022 of our earthly years [6]) - the information encoded in electrons (of our soul) can undergo changes. Specifically, we can program information in our consciousness ourselves by choosing what to think about and what to avoid thinking about.

Aiming for immortality of our Consciousness, we need to demonstrate some progress in “programming” our consciousness [6] for the benefit of the entire Universe.

Clearly, acting or planning to act against Nature in any way is not useful. Clearly, programming our minds with nonsense, dishonesty and falsehood is not helpful. Clearly, causing suffering, hurting other people and disturbing their conscious evolution is not useful.


Why are some people born so incredibly talented, while others are born into unimaginable, inescapable misery and suffering apparently for no fault of their own?

Thao [6] explains it as follows:

If you make a mistake, you pay the penalty - immediately, in ten years time,
or in ten centuries time, but errors must be paid for” [6]

Many civilizations, cultures and traditions in history of humanity on Earth are known to have embraced reincarnation - a way to continue development of consciousness in a series of lives in different physical bodies.

In practice this means, that if we cause anyone to suffer in any way, physically, emotionally or psychologically - we shall eventually suffer in a similar way, until we understand how to harmoniously co-exist in the Universe. There is no escape from the quantum-reality of the Universe.

For there is nothing hidden that won't be revealed...” [4]

It is totally up to us how soon we can approach bliss and for how many lifetimes we will have to endure suffering, nightmares and misery.

Man exists physically
for the sole purpose of developing spiritually...” [6]


Can we somehow verify the existence of our “soul” around our physical body?

The persistent presence of electrons around our body is actually well known. So-called “static electricity” around our fingertips can permanently destroy sensitive electronic devices if they are not insulated or not specially protected.

Do these free electrons that exist around our body contain and process information related to functioning of our body and mind?

It is known that electrons can absorb and emit photons – and this electro-photonic glow (light) contains information.

Electrophotonics, also called GDV or bio-electrography [7], is a method to induce, amplify, record electrophotonic glow around fragments of the human body and interpret the information this glow contains. It turns out, that clinically verified accuracy of the electrophotonic diagnostics of human state is better than 95% [7].

Electro-photonic glow around fingertip

The following observable phenomena seem to confirm, that the information in electrophotonic glow around human body originates from consciousness and not from physical body:

  1. Electrophotonic diagnostic information in the glow around a human body disappears after clinical death, despite the fact that the dead physical body contains extensive material evidence of the disease or injury.
  2. Fear of a disease seems practically indistinguishable from the signs of the actual disease in the electrophotonic glow around human body [8].
  3. During the process of decision making, signs of the associated activity in the electrophotonic glow around the body seems to precede electrical activity of the brain

Light after Life

Electrophotonics has been used to study what happens after death of the physical body [9].

Observations of Korotkov [9], who conducted the corresponding research, include:

  1. There exists an identifiable connection between a dead physical body and the electrophotonic activity attributed to consciousness for up to 72 hours (3 days) after clinical death of the physical body. It seems no coincidence that Jesus came back to life on the 3rd day (within 72 hours) after being murdered. Forensically it means that the time of clinical death can be estimated by observing electrophotonic glow around a dead body.
  2. Probable cause of death can be established from observations of electrophotonic glow around a dead human body for up to 72 hours after death. Specifically, an accident, murder, suicide and illness could be distinguished as causes of death.
  3. Suicide induces the most vivid and clearly distinguishable electrophotonic activity around a dead human body, like if the person realized the magnitude of his/her mistake and desperately tried to come back to life, without really knowing how.

The Purpose of the Universe

Is the global quantum-domain system of information processing in the Universe aware of itself ?
If it is, the entire Universe is actually conscious and always has been [6]...

The conscious Creator of the system of quantum information processing in the Universe is known on Earth by various names: Holy Spirit [4], Living Father [4], Great Spirit [6], Great Intellect [10], Creator and God.

If the Universe operates consciously, what could be its Purpose of its Existence? Evolution of consciousness?

References [4][6][8] and [10] contain discussions on this topic.


Death of the physical body is not the main danger, because our consciousness, when sufficiently evolved, can attain immortality.

The real danger is in how we live and how we program our consciousness...

For more information please read the book
"Consciousness and Immortality"


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