Physics of Gravity

This article explains why repulsive gravity forces could be as common as attractive gravity forces in the Universe, and why no one has noticed this.

Research and results published in the article below have been inspired by the book Thiaoouba Prophecy and numerous conversations with its author Michel Desmarquet in the years 1996-2000.

Michel Desmarquet not just "witnessed" levitation and neutralization of gravity force. He actually experienced levitation and anti gravity with his own physical body.

Following ignition of its nuclear synthesis, a newly created star ejects laser-like jet of matter along its axis of rotation in two opposite directions. This matter, accelerated to relativistic speeds (speeds comparable to the speed of light) away from its source, interacts with the surrounding gas, producing light that we can see using a telescope. Similar highly collimated bi-directional jets are generated by other spinning cosmic objects such as quasars and generate the most energetic cosmic rays known to man. This image provides a 2022 cosmic illustration of the hypothesis presented in the 2013 article above. Credit: NASA Hubble telescope 12 March 2022