The Book of Thomas

Printed book and e-book . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . translation by Dr. Thomas Chalko

1:1: These are the secret words that Jesus1 spoke to Yehuda Thomas, which I, Matthew, personally wrote down as I went and listened to them talking to each other.

2: Jesus said: "Brother Thomas, as long as you have time in the world, listen to me and I will explain to you the things that you have been wondering about.

3: “Since you are known to be my twin and a true companion, examine yourself and think about who you are, how you live and what will happen to you.

4: "Since you are called my brother, it is not fitting for you to be unaware of yourself. I know you have understood certain things because you have already realized that I am the source of true knowledge.

5: So when we are together, although you do not understand some things, you have already acquired some knowledge, and you can be called "the one who knows himself".

6: For Who does not know himself knows nothing, but he, who knows himself has already attained knowledge of the depths of the Universe.

7: So, my brother Thomas, you have already seen what is unclear to people and what they unconsciously stumble upon."

2:1: Thomas said to the Lord: “Therefore, I ask You to explain to me what I am asking You about before your ascension2.

2: When I hear you explain the hidden things, then I can talk about them because it is difficult to explain the truth to people."

3: Jesus replied, "If what is visible to you is unclear to you, how can you understand what can not be seen?

4: If the good deeds that are visible in the world are difficult for you to do3, how can you accomplish what relates to the higher realm4 that is not visible?

5: And can you be called "spiritual teachers"?

In this respect, you are still disciples - you have not yet attained perfection."

6: Now Thomas answered and said to Jesus: "Tell us about those things which you say are not visible and which are hidden from us."

7: Jesus said, “The bodies of men and animals are temporary, which is obvious, for these bodies are born and die.

8,9: On the other hand, the consciousness, that is above the things that are visible, functions from its own root and is nourished by its own fruits.

10: The visible bodies function to devour creatures similar to them, and as a result these bodies change.

11: What changes, rots and disappears, and has no hope of life because it is an animal body.

12: As the bodies of animals disappear, so also the bodies of men. Are they not derived from copulation, just like the bodies of animals?

13: If the body comes from copulation, can it become anything other than an animal?

14: Therefore you are infants until you reach perfection.

3:1: Thomas replied, “Therefore I believe that those who talk about things that are invisible and difficult to explain are like archers who shoot their arrows at targets - but at night.

2: They shoot at the target but cannot see the target.

3: But when light comes and replaces darkness, then it becomes clear who did what.

4: You, Lord, are our light and you bring enlightenment.

5: Jesus said: "Light exists in light."

6: Thomas spoke, saying, "Lord, why does this visible light that shines for men, rise and set?"

7: Jesus said, “Blessed Thomas, of course this visible light shines for you - not to keep you here, but rather to let you leave.

8: When all the chosen have given up their bestiality, then this light will withdraw into its essence and its essence will accept them for their good service."

9: Then Jesus continued and said: “O unfathomable love of light!

10,11: “O the bitterness of the fire that burns in the bodies of men and in their marrow day and night, burning human limbs and making their minds drunk and their souls insane, arousing men and women day and night, arousing them secretly and visibly.

12: Men get aroused and arouse women and women arouse men.

13: Therefore it can be said: "Whoever seeks truth in true wisdom will spread his wings to fly away and escape from the lust that burns human souls."

14: Who seeks - will spread his wings to escape from every visible soul."

4:1: Thomas replied, saying, "Lord, this is what I asked of You, because I understood that what You say is useful to us."

2: Jesus replied, “Therefore we must talk about it, because it is a knowledge for the perfect. If you want to improve, you will apply these advice, if not, you deserve to be called “Ignorant”.

3: A wise man cannot associate himself with a fool.

4: A wise man perfects his wisdom, but for a fool - good and evil is one and the same.

5: A wise man will be fed with the truth and will "become like a tree growing by a meandering stream", seeing that there are those who, although having wings, throw themselves at apparent things that are far from the truth.

6,7: For the fire that guides them and shines beautifully on them will give them an illusion of truth, it will enclose them in the sweetness of darkness and enslave them with fragrant pleasure.

8: It will blind them with insatiable lust, burn their souls, and become to them like a stake stuck in their heart that they can never remove.

9: And like a bridle in their mouth - it guides them as he pleases.

10: And (this fire) bound them with chains, bound all their limbs with a bitter bondage to lust and appearances that decay and deviate upon impulse.

11: They are always drawn down; when they die, they will be assimilated with all the beasts of this fleeting world.

12: Thomas replied, "It is obvious, and it is known that there are many who do not know their soul."

13: And Jesus answered, saying: "Blessed is the wise man who searched for the truth, and when he found it, he always relies on it and is not afraid of those who want to disturb him."

14: Thomas answered and said, "Is it good for us to be with our people?"

15,16: Jesus said, “Yes, it is useful. And that's useful for you, because the things visible among people will decompose - their body will decompose, and when it disappears - it will return to the visible world.

17: And the fire they see will give them pain because of their love to the faith they previously had. They will be forced to return back to the visible world.5

18: Moreover, those who see in the midst of unseen things, for lack of love, will perish for fear of a life in fire.

19: Just a little while longer and what is seen will disappear; then shapeless shadows will emerge among the tombs that will circle forever by the corpse, bringing pain and corruption to the soul.

5:1: Thomas replied and said, "What shall we say in the face of these things? What are we going to tell people who cannot see?

2: What should we explain to those mortals who say, "We have come to do good, and not evil," and yet say, "If we were not born of flesh, we would not know evil?"

3: Jesus said, “Do not consider them human beings, but treat them as animals, for as animals eat one another, so also people of this kind eat one another.

5: Moreover, they are deprived of [kingdom] because they love the sweetness of fire, are servants of death, and worship corruption.

6: They fulfill the desires of their fathers. They will be thrown into the abyss and tormented by the bitterness of their evil nature.

7: Whipped, they will flee nowhere, abandoning their limbs out of despair.

8: And they rejoice in their madness and insanity because they are fools.

9: They pursue this madness without realizing their madness, thinking they are wise. They love the beauty of the body as if it would not fade away.

10: Their minds and thoughts are occupied with their deeds. But the fire will consume them.

11: And Thomas answered and said, "Lord, what do people who have gone so far need to do? Because I worry about them the most; there are many who fight with them."

12: Jesus answered and said, "What is your own opinion?"

13: Thomas replied: "You, Lord, speak and I will listen."

14: Jesus replied: "Listen to what I tell you and believe the truth.

15: He that sows and what he sows will dissolve in fire and water, and will disappear into the tombs of darkness.

16: After a long time, evil trees will appear, they will give fruits that will be punished - killed in the maws of animals and people - incited by rains, winds, air and light that shines from above.

6:1: Thomas replied, “You have convinced us, Lord. In our heart we know and it is obvious that this is so and that your word is sufficient.

2: But these words you say to us are laughable and despicable to the world because they are misunderstood.

3: So how can we preach it when we are not respected in the world?"

4: Jesus replied: "Whoever hears your words and turns his face away, or mocks them, will be handed over to the Almighty who is up high, who reigns over all powers.

5: And he will turn this man back and throw him into the abyss, where he will be imprisoned in a tight, dark place.

6: He will not be able to turn or move because of the great depth of the abyss and the burden of the bitterness of the underworld, from which one cannot escape without rejecting his madness.

7: And the people who will persecute you will be delivered to the angel Tartarouchos, who will pursue them with fiery whips throwing a shower of sparks on their faces.

9: If they run west - they will find fire. If they turn south, they'll find him there too. If they turn north, they will face scorching fire again.

10: Neither will they find a way to the east to run away and save themselves.

11: They did not find their way while they lived in the flesh, and they will not find it in the day of judgment.

7:1: Then Jesus continued: “Woe to you, you wicked and hopeless who rely on things that will not happen!

2: "Woe to you who hope in the prison of the (physical) body, which will perish!

3: How long will you remain unaware? How long will you think the Indestructible6 is also lost?

4: Your hope is in the (material) world, but it was God who gave (you your) life! You are spoiling your souls!

5: "Woe to those who are in the fire7 that burns within you, for it is insatiable!

6: “Woe to you because of the spinning wheel that turns in your mind.“

7,8: "Woe to those who are in the jaws of the inner fire, for this fire will devour your body openly, tear your souls secretly, and prepare you for such as you!

9: "Woe to you prisoners! You are tied up in the caves!

10: You laugh! In crazy laughter you rejoice!

11: You do not realize that you are lost, do not reflect on your situation, and do not understand that you live in darkness and death!

12: You are intoxicated with fire and bitterness.

13: Your mind is mad, and the poison and blows of your enemies are sweet to you!

14: And darkness rose for you like light, because you gave up your freedom for slavery!

15: You have darkened your hearts and you have given your thoughts to madness. You have filled your minds with smoke from the fire that is burning within you!

16: And your light hid in a cloud of darkness and garments that were placed on you in a deceitful way. And you have been carried away by a hope that does not exist.

17: And whom did you believe? Can't you see that you all live among those who ... (illegible fragment) ....

18: You baptized your souls in the water of darkness! You follow your own whims!

19,20: "Woe to you who live in error, ignoring the fact that the light of the sun, which judges and looks down on everything, circulates around everything, enslaving its enemies.

21: You do not even notice the moon looking down night and day at the bodies of your slaughter!

22: "Woe to you who like intimacy with women and unclean intercourse with them!

23: And woe to you who are dependent on the strength of your body, for it will make you suffer!

24: Woe to you who are in the grip of the forces of evil demons!

25: Woe to those who deceive their limbs with fire!

26: Who will pour refreshing dew on you to extinguish the mass of your fire along with the burns?

27: Who will make the sun shine on you, dispel your darkness, and remove darkness and polluted water?

8:1: “The sun and moon will give a sweet fragrance to you, the air, the spirit , the earth and the water. For if the sun does not shine on these bodies, they will dry up and perish like weeds or grass.

2: When the sun shines on the weeds, they dominate and suffocate the vines.

3: But if the vine is dominant, it shades the weeds along with all the other undergrowth and spreads, blooms and inherits the land on which it grows. Any place that the vine shades is dominated by it.

4,5: And when it matures, it rules over the earth, and is generous to his master and relieves him, because he would suffer from the weeds until he pulled them up.

6: But the vine itself removed weeds and choked them, and they died and turned to earth.

9:1: Then Jesus continued and said to them, “Woe to those who did not accept (my) teaching, and those who ... (illegible passage) ... that they may rise from death.

2: “Blessed are those who know the pitfalls ahead of time and avoid things that are foreign to them.”

3: “Blessed are those who are insulted and mocked for the love God shows them.”

4: “Blessed are you who weep and are oppressed by hopeless people, for you will be freed from everything that enslaves you.

5: “Beware and pray that you may not be born in the (physical) body8 , but that you may be free from the bondage and bitterness of this life.

6: And when you pray, you will find relief because you leave suffering and shame behind you.

7: For when you leave the sufferings and torments of the flesh, you will receive rest from the Good One, and you will reign with the King, united with Him, and He with you, from now on, for ever and ever, Amen."

1 Jesus' Hebrew name Yeshua translates as "Savior"

2 The words "before the ascension" mean that the conversation between Jesus and Thomas recorded by Matthew took place after the resurrection but before the departure of Jesus from the Earth.

3 This means that you must learn TO DO GOOD before any other progress can be made.

4 Domains of Consciousness. See the book " Consciousness and Immortality " or for the definition of consciousness

5 This suggests reincarnation. More details can be found in the book "Thiaoouba Prophecy"

6 The soul (a carrier of consciousness) is immortal. More details can be found in the translator's book " Consciousness and Immortality " and in the book "Thiaoouba Prophecy"

7 Lust

8 Details are explained in the book "Thiaoouba Prophecy"