South of Japan, not far from Taiwan, there is a Japanese island called Yonaguni with strange underwater structures and accurately cut "terraces" in solid rock at right angles. Some people suspect that this structure was constructed by a human hand, but no one can determine its function.

In the book Thiaoouba Prophecy, which contains the message from biblical Thiaoouba (Hebrew shortcut יהוה) for humanity on Earth today, there is information about two quarries that were located on two ends of the Mu continent (also known as Lamar) before its catastrophic sinking about 14,500 years ago. One of these quarries was located where Easter Island is today (Easter Island, Chile) and the other was on the south-western edge of the continent and was called Notora.

Underwater remains of the Notora quarry from the Mu continent,
located on the isolated Japanese island of Yonaguni near Taiwan

The Yonaguni terraces have no function and they are not "ruins" - it is simply a quarry called Notora, in which huge (up to several dozen tons) stone slabs were cut by electro-ultrasound and transported over great distances by levitation, by neutralizing the gravitational force. Unfortunately, the technology of precise stone cutting, as well as the technology of gravity control, were long (~ 8000 years) lost on Earth and today no one can even imagine a quarry in which huge blocks of stone are precisely cut from solid rock ...

The geographical location of the Yonaguni-Notora quarry helps us realize the colossal size of the continent Mu in the Pacific Ocean. According to the message from Thiaoouba, the continent of Mu stretched from Easter Island (Chile) to Yonaguni in southern Japan near Taiwan, extended over the northern hemisphere, and had a land connection with North America.

Yonaguni and Easter Island on Pacific Ocean (Google Maps)