Thiaoouba ProphecyBelieving is not enough: you need to know
Thiaoouba book

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The joy of perfect health book

The Joy of Perfect Health

This book explains what you can do
to maximize your natural self healing ability.

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The freedom of choice book The best of the best

For the first time in the history of humanity on Earth the Purpose of existense of the entire Universe is expressed and proven explicitly in writing. Are you ready?

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Glowing aura around finger

Auras ?

Learn to see your aura
Learn to control your aura
Medical diagnostics

Aura and consciousness

More about the picture on the left at
Kirlian Research

bioresonant pattern Can this pattern help you?

Every atom in our body  vibrates with the speed of Light. What about TUNING in...

Bioresonant technology is based on
physics of consciousness


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Self healing
Astral travel
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Guru or not Guru?
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The First Commandment?
Drug Free Society
Japan's best kept secret

Nature of gravity explained
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