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pyramids cosmic tools

"Pyramid" is a word which has a meaning in Greek, the language that uses alphabet bsed on the alphabet of Mu. "Pyr" means "fire" like in "pyrotechnic". Pyramida means "concentration of fire". Today we would say "concentration of energy". WHAT energy? To find out what sciences we have lost on Earth and why, read Thiaoouba Prophecy.

The Great Pyramid (Cheops) was built as a cosmic tool 17,000 years ago by Toth, a great man from Atlantis, using electro-ultrasound for cutting stone and electrogravity generating devices to transport them. That way, precisely cut stones up to 200,000 tonnes (!!!), were transported from distant quarries and assembled with phenomenal precision, without any mortar and without any damage to surfaces and edges. Other pyramids in Egypt were constructed much later, after Mu and Atlantis sunk down. Priests and establishment abused the technology to promote their "egos" and erected many useless "tombs" to impress people, who were kept in the dark, much like today. As the nuclear powered antigravity generating devices were gradually losing power, "tombs" had to be smaller and smaller... Eventually, nuclear fuel decayed and no one could lift anything anymore...

Note: Pyramids in South America, Mexico etc.. had different purpose than The Great Pyramid, hence their different shapes.

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Pyramids - cosmic tools
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