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Why do we need to free ourselves from addictions?

Our bodies and minds are designed magnificently. We are very sensitive and can experience a fantastic variety of sensations, emotions and feelings. We are also a part of Nature, which continuously provides unforgettable stimulation to our natural senses. Our talents, sensitivity and emotional awareness have been developed in the evolutionary process, which took tens or perhaps hundreds of lifetimes. Our consciousness has also a multitude of natural possibilities, which seem to be ignored by some people, such as the ability of astral travel or telepathic communication at great distances.

It is a common knowledge that our physical bodies eventually die and disintegrate completely. However, there is no such evidence at all regarding our consciousness. On the contrary, emerging evidence suggests that our consciousness continues to exist from lifetime to lifetime, despite the fact that we are given different “egos” – like blank spots in our consciousness to fill in during a particular lifetime. Each lifetime is an individually chosen and tailored lesson, with its own goals and challenges.

People who were clinically dead and survived report in great detail that they remained fully conscious and saw their own physical bodies from a distance. (For dozens of examples see the book by R.A.Moody MD, PhD). Most people on Earth experience spontaneous “out of body” experiences at some stage of their lives. In our dreams and Astral travel we can transport our consciousness to other locations, without taking our physical bodies there at all. Secret military agencies in several countries have used “remote viewing” for at least 50 years to gather information.

This is all possible because our consciousness exists separately from the physical body. According to The Book our consciousness is embedded in our electronic Astral body – a very delicate instrument, as everything electronic. The electrons in our Astral body are practically indestructible and they have a lifespan of about ten billion trillions (1e22) years, which approaches the lifetime of the Universe (it is quite a while). However, the information stored in our electronic Astral body can become damaged as a result of our mistakes.

True Dangers of drugs

There are mainly two things that can seriously damage the information stored in our astral body and hence hurt us for many lifetimes to come: drugs and a loud noise. Both can actually significantly reverse the Universal process of our conscious evolution. Let me explain why.

They can destroy or even erase important information already stored in our consciousness and replace it with false data. Such re-programming of consciousness may take us many lifetimes to correct. The extent of the damage depends on how long a person has been subject to these harmful influences.

I have held long and exhausting discussions with people who used hallucinogenic drugs. Nearly all of them were impressed by “visions”, “trips” or “hallucinations” and argued that drugs help them to increase their awareness. Actually, nothing can be further from the truth than such a statement. The ability of Astral travel is a natural ability and every child can do it. There is absolutely no need to use drugs. All you need is to learn meditation, concentration and practice them everyday.

Imagine getting a University degree in engineering or medicine for watching ads and scrambled fantasy movies on TV. This is what drugs do: entertain you. You will need to re-learn everything from the beginning if you ever need to USE the knowledge, erased by false and distorted information generated with drugs. There are no shortcuts in the spiritual and conscious evolution. This is the Law of the Universe.

Many people ask me for the “evidence”. Consider this: every civilization on Earth, which used drugs collapsed to nothing within a few generations. For example, in ancient Egypt 17,000 years ago people constructed a Great Pyramid from @50 tonne solid stone blocks. The Great Pyramid is comparable in height to the highest 20-th century buildings (146 m), and even today is positively impossible to build anything similar, using any amount of money and time. But when their descendants started using drugs, not only did they lose all their knowledge and all their sciences, but no one actually remembers what the Great Pyramid was for. Today “scientists” can only wonder. The entire civilisation decayed to nothing.

If you use drugs, you risk being re-born in your next lifetime as a cripple, retarded or both, simply because there might be not enough information in your consciousness (your subconscious mind) to build your new body properly.

The Universal Law is well established and is as strictly enforced as that which controls the planets revolutions around their suns. If you make a mistake, you pay the penalty – immediately, in ten years time, or in ten centuries time, but all errors must be paid for.”

The Universal learning occurs because everyone has to face the consequences of his/her own mistakes. That way we learn what is a mistake and ultimately learn how to live a life. What if we won’t? I guess that those of us who are absolutely stubborn and do not want to learn will get destroyed and re-cycled, as everything in Nature.

Dangers of noise

High intensity noise such as discos, or prolonged annoying noise (such as traffic) distorts the communication with our "Higher Self" or our Higher Consciousness, which is our direct connection to the Source of our own consciousness. As a result, our "Higher Self" not only receives distorted information, but information already stored there may be also distorted. Since it is our Higher Consciousness which stores all we have learnt during all our lifetimes, resulting “parasite” information may take many lifetimes to correct.

According to the information of Thaora, "if people could see the damage to their Astral bodies and consciousness caused by loud discos, they would escape from any disco quicker than if the place was on fire".

People frequently ask me if wearing ear plugs reduces the danger. Ears are natural sensors and they are designed to warn us with unpleasant sensations if we are at danger. Wearing earplugs at discos is much like taking anaesthetic and plunging into a boiling water – you are going to hurt yourself a lot, but you choose to muffle natural sensations and ignore the danger.

Many people have been subjected to loud noise as a part of their teenage life. What can be done to heal any damage that has occurred? The first thing to do is to stop any further damage, by avoiding noise. Concentrating on spiritual self development, aspects of which are described in here, seems to be the most logical choice to repair the damage. Developing natural skills such as astral travel, telepathic communication, seeing Auras, practicing meditation and concentration is a direction back to Nature.

Have you noticed that our “music” becomes more and more primitive but much louder instead? It seems that our “artists” replace the beauty and skill with the power of their amplifiers. It is sad. Some people, when asked about noise reply “what noise?” This is precisely where the greatest danger exists: losing our natural sensitivity.

How to free yourself from addictions

Most people do not realize that they are addicted to anything. For example if you eat meat, especially poultry, most likely you are addicted to steroids and other growth enhancing hormones, which are used to “enhance the production of meat”. When you cannot refuse yourself eating meat, it is likely that you need your “shot” of steroids and possibly other drugs too.

Multitude of artificial flavors and food additives are designed to keep us coming for more so that the manufacturer of a particular product makes more money. As a result, we gradually lose our natural sensitivity and need stronger and stronger stimulation from spices and flavors. This strategy eventually fails to satisfy us at all and as a result we eat too much of too many things. Overeating creates tremendous overload for our metabolic processes. Our minds become sluggish too, simply because a lot of resources of our mind are needed to assist in the overload.

We develop addictions, because we gradually train the mind as well as every cell in our body to expect a certain shock, or a specific ingredient that causes our body to produce various chemicals (such as endorphins for example). To free ourselves from addictions need to erase the conscious as well as cellular memory aiming to restore the natural order in our body to the best state possible.

This process is actually quite easy. I have re-discovered this ancient technique in 1994 and it enabled me to cure myself from so-called “incurable” disease in ~4 days. I wrote a book about it, because it took me about 3 hours every time I tried to explain what I did and WHY. Since then I found that my method is 100% effective for eliminating all addictions.

Young people who freed themselves from drugs using the information from my book told me: “If I haven’t tried it myself, I would never believed it was so easy…" They were moved to tears expressing their gratitude. They also told me that to their own amazement they discovered that they have been addicted to certain foods…

In essence the method is based on the complete detoxification of the physical body as well as a purification of the mind (meditation), so that our natural sensitivity is restored. Doing only one of them well may be 10 times LESS effective than doing both. Can a toxic (poisoned) body and a confused mind function properly?

The method of physical detoxification is completely natural, no drugs whatsoever. It is based on pure water. It uses and enhances natural detoxification mechanisms our body uses everyday. What is the quickest and most thorough method of detoxification? It is fasting.

Important warning: never, ever attempt any fasting without thoroughly cleaning your intestines first by doing a thorough enema. Why? You have trained your body over the years to expect nutrients in your intestines. When you suddenly stop eating tomorrow, your body will absorb into your bloodstream whatever you have in your intestines – but this is pure shit! You will surely poison yourself and feel sick too. You have to start fasting with clean intestines and clean them every time you experience any discomfort during fasting. By keeping your intestines clean you maximize your body natural detoxification capacity and awaken its healing powers. Another key requirement is to drink a lot of pure water during fasting.

Fasting is surprisingly easy if you do the above things right. The most difficult is actually coming out of the fast, which has to be very slow and gradual. If you subject your body to a “food shock” after fasting, your body will not believe you the next time you fast, because it will expect a food shock at the end. If you are serious, you should study the method in “The Joy of Perfect Health”.

May we invite you to join the Drug FREE Society. The aim of DFS is to help people to free themselves from drugs and promote a drug free lifestyle, entertainment, education as well as spiritual development. Help yourself and help others to help themselves.