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Selection from other Chapters 
page 90... of The Book 

'I'm sorry, Thao - may I interrupt? When you explained the cataclysm which knocked the Earth off its axis, you said that refuge on the moon was not possible because it didn't exist - and yet now, you say that safety bases were established on the moon for these imigrants...'

'There was no moon at the time when the blacks populated Australia, nor for a very long time afterwards. There had been two very small moons much earlier - about six million years ago, which revolved around Earth, eventually coliding with it. Earth was not inhabited at that time so, although terrible catacysms followed, it didn't really matter.'

'About 500,000 years ago, Earth 'captured' a much larger moon - the one which exists now. It was passing too close to your planet and was attracter into an orbit. This often happens with moons. Further catastrophes were provoked by this event...''What do you mean when you say "passing too close" to Earth? Why didn't it crash? And anyway, what is a moon?'

'It could have crashed indeed, but that doesn't often happen. A moon is originally a small planet, revolving around its sun in a spiral, which becomes increasingly tight. The smaller planets spiral more rapidly than the larger ones, whose inertia forces is less.'

'Their spiral being faster, the smaller planets often catch up to the larger planets and, if they pass too closely, the gravitational attraction of the planet will be stronger than that of he sun. The smaller planet begins to orbit the larger one, still in spiral, which sooner or later result in a collision.'

'Are you saying that our beautiful moon celebrated in poem and song, will one day fall on our heads?'

'One day, yes .... but not for about 195,000 years.'

I must have seemed relieved and my fright somewhat comical, for my hosts all laughed.

Thao continued. 'When that happens - when the moon collides with the Earth - that will be the end of your planet. If the people of Earth are not sufficiently spiritually and technologically advanced at that time, it will mean a holocaust; but if they are, they will have evacuated to another planet. Everything in its time though, Michel - for now, I must finish off my story concerning the continent of Mu.....'

page 129... of The Book

'First I must speak to you of Egypt and Israel, as well as of Atlantis, the famous continent so often talked on Earth and the subject of so much controversy.'

'Atlantis, like the continent Mu, did exist and was situated in the northern hemisphere, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. It was attached to Europe, and linked to America by an isthmus and to Africa by another isthmus at about the latitude of the Canary Islands. Its area was slightly greater than Australia.'

'It was inhabited by the people of Mu, approximately 30,000 years ago - in fact , it was a colony of Mu. There was also a white race there - tall blond people with blue eyes. It was the Mayas, very learned colonisers from Mu, who governed the country, and they constructed there, a replica of the Pyramid of Savanassa.'

'Seventeen thousand years ago, they explored the Mediterranean thoroughly, going via the North of Africa, where they acquainted Arabs, (descendants of the cross-breeding between yellow and black Bakaratiniants) with much new knowledge - material as well as spiritual. The numerical script, for example, still used by the Arabs, came from Atlantis,and from Mu, of course. They went to Greece where they founded a small colony and the Greek alphabet corresponds almost exactly to that of Mu.'

'Finally they arrived in a land that natives called Aranka and which you know as Egypt. There, they established a strong colony with a great man, by the name of Toth, at its head. Laws were established which embodied the beliefs of Mu and the organisational principles of Atlantis. Improved plants, new techniques for raising cattle, new methods of cultivation, pottery and weaving were all introduced.' 'Toth was a great man of Atlantis, extremely knowledgable materially as well as spiritually. He founded villages, built temples and, just before his death, he has constructed what you now call the Great Pyramid. Each time these great colonisers judged that the new colony had the potential to become great, they would construct a special pyramid - a tool, materially and spiritually, as you were able to see for yourself on Mu. In Egypt, they constructed the Great Pyramid on the same model as the Pyramid of Savanassa, but on a scale three times reduced. These pyramids are unique and, in order to fulfil their role as a 'tool', their dimensions and specifications must be precisely adhered to, as well as their orientation.' 

'Do you know how much time it took ?'

'It was quite fast - just nine years, for Toth and his master architects knew the secrets of anti-gravitation from Mu, and the secrets for cutting rock and using - let's call them 'electro-ultra-sounds'.'