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Conscious Control of human aura
by Dr Tom J. Chalko Melbourne, Australia

1. Abstract 2. Introduction

3. Kirlian diagnostics

Every organ and every function of the mind-body system has its precise image in the electro-photonic glow, which can be recorded using Kirlian effect devices.

Research conducted over the last 20 years by Prof Korotkov and his team, has confirmed beyond doubt, that recording the bio-energy field distribution around 10 fingers on both hands provides a very comprehensive information about the functioning of the entire mind-body system.

Specifically, ability to read the intensity distributions around fingers provides an extremely efficient way of diagnosing problems and malfunctions of the various organs and systems of the organism, long before physical symptoms become evident. Kirlian diagnostics based on finger aura was developed and verified as a result of intensive 20 year research of a team of scientists.

Fig. 1 presents aura around my fingers, supplemented by a simplified diagnostic chart (based on Prof Korotkov book [1])

A LOT of knowledge is required to read auras. Although Kirlian Aura diagnostics quickly acquires the status of science on Earth, my own impression is that we can read only small part of the information which is encoded in the human Aura. Below I present a brief summary of aura diagnostics. This summary is needed to understand results of mental exercises presented further in this article.

In general, any discontinuity of the intensity field around any finger indicates the abnormal activity of a corresponding organ, which does not work harmoniously with the rest of the mind-body system. Specifically ''gaps'', outbursts and detached areas of the glow indicate problems or potential problems.

In very general terms, healthy, harmonious activity of the mind-body system is reflected in a regular bio-energy field distribution around fingers, with no ''gaps'', no detached areas and no rapid changes in intensity and shape.

4. Meditation exercise
5. Concentration exercise
6. Comparison of results
7. Conclusions

©Tom J. Chalko 1997