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Conscious Control of human aura
by Dr Tom J. Chalko Melbourne, Australia
1. Abstract 2. Introduction
3. Kirlian diagnostics
4. Meditation exercise

5. Concentration exercise

As a concentration exercise I have chosen the exercise which aimed to practice the communication between two hemispheres of the brain. The exercise is briefly described below and in more detail here. I was observing two circles with perpendicularly drawn diameters, presented in Fig. 3. This picture was located 2 meters away from me on a wall at the eye level.

By changing the focus and concentrating, I aimed to see one circle with a perfect cross in the middle between the two. Then I concentrated, trying to maintain the cross continuously for several minutes. Since each eye is connected to different hemisphere of the brain, the cross, synthesized by the brain is the evidence, that both hemispheres communicate with each other to achieve such synthesis.

Fig.3 Image for concentration exercise

I have been practising such exercise 5 minutes each day for about a week before this experiment.

Again, for simplicity, Prof. Korotkov recorded the electro-photonic glow (aura) around one finger only (middle finger of the right hand), which enabled me to continue concentration exercise without interruption. 8 images of the electro-photonic glow (aura) recorded in regular one minute intervals are presented in Fig.4. image on the left indicates the initial state.

Fig.3 Changes in electro-photonic glow (aura) around right hand middle finger during concentration

From the images in Fig.3 it can be seen, that the size of the electrophotonic glow increases with time. Also, initial ''gaps'' in bio-energy field gradually close, indicating that the mind-body state approaches more ''harmonious'' way of functioning. The degree of fractal distribution of the bio-energy field is reduced.

6. Comparison of results
7. Conclusions

©Tom J. Chalko 1997