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The Book: Frequently Asked Questions

Composed by Dr Tom J. Chalko (Australia) who organized more than 50 public lectures for Michel Desmarquet, set up a web site for The Book and was asked by Michel to answer all emails addressed to him since 1995. Questions are taken from Michel lectures and from the correspondence. All answers have been discussed with and authorized by Michel.


Q. How do you pronounce Thiaoouba ?
A. Thiaoouba is the English representation of the word in which "T" is silent and "b" is a sound between "B" and "V". Hebrew people pronounce Thiaoouba "Hyehouva". Interestingly, this is the most frequently encountered word in the Bible, because it is the name Moses used to refer to "God" when he wrote the first 5 chapters of the Bible in Hebrew @3250 years ago.

Q. Do you have any material evidence ?

A. Do you mean "technology" ? No. This is precisely what our friends do not want us to know. We do not need any more material technology on Earth. Giving us more technology is much like giving a machine gun and a box of grenades to kindergarten kids to play with.

We do not comprehend what we do to our consciousness and to Nature around us. We cannot handle our current "technology". We use it to destroy each other and the Planet as well. However, the people of Thiaoouba described many fascinating examples of TRUE technology that we have lost on Earth, many thousands of years ago - such as antigravity, space travel, telepathic and cosmic communication, bio-energy and science of consciousness, just to mention a few examples. It seems that our "science" may take decades just to admit some possibilities...

They also gave me comprehensive explanations of most of the "mysteries" on Earth to include in my book, some of which will only be solved in the future ...

Q. What is the main message of The Book ?
A. The message from Thiaoouba is that ‘‘material technology, without spiritual knowledge, is leading us to inevitable global catastrophe on Earth. Technology should ASSIST in the spiritual development and not be used (as it is used now) to enslave people within a monetary system and materialistic world, which are both temporary anyway.’’ ‘‘Superficial’’ is an excellent word you can use to describe the monetary system and materialistic world.

At the moment, we focus most of our attention on our physical bodies, but this is a serious mistake. The physical body, like everything material, is actually temporary, whereas the psyche, being part of the Astral body never dies... We should concentrate on the development of the mind ...

The people of Thiaoouba also stress the importance of our individual free will. "We all have free will and it is up to us to discipline ourselves in order to improve spiritually. To impose one's free will on another, in a way which deprives the individual of exercising his own free will, is one of the greatest crimes that man can commit..."

In view of such a statement, our entire society on Earth is based on wrong principles. Most people are forced to follow the flock... The Book not only describes a full diagnosis of the current situation, but also contains detailed instructions of what to do and how. Specifically, how the same problems have been overcome on other planets similar to ours. The most important is the context of this information: the purpose of our existence, demonstrated by very advanced people, who have themselves passed our current stage of development long, long ago.

Q. Any chance to go to Thiaoouba ?
A. People from Thiaoouba take one of us approximately every 100 years or so. You would not want to go there. Michel is frequently very sad when he talks about Thiaoouba. Imagine being shown a paradise, only to be told that it is not for you. He wants to be there, but he can't. And when he came back he found himself well and truly against most people on Earth, including his family, against the science, habits, religions, way of life... Even against all UFO researchers... It is sometimes very hard when you know the truth.

Q. What about toilets on Thiaoouba ?
A. On Thiaoouba they use a kind of device that looks similar to our toilet, but isn't. It simply disintegrates the waste as it comes out - into elementary particles I guess. No water, no paper, no smell, nothing. Michel was scared that this machine might disintegrate his private parts...

Q. People from Thiaoouba bring the message of love. What about killing people in the parallel universe ?
A. People get stuck in the parallel universe for thousands of years. Killing them there is a sort of favor, because their astral bodies are liberated and can progress on the path of reincarnation. If they do not get killed, and do not have the knowledge to get out, they exist there until the planet exists, which is quite a while. Not that there is anything wrong with it. We have all the time in the Universe (1e22 years approximately) to evolve and reach the Source of Consciousness. I guess, that killing in there was a part of Michel's lesson.

Q. What happened to the dinosaurs ?
A. They died when one of the 2 small moons crashed into the earth @5 million years ago, causing a global catastrophe, flooding etc... Earth had 2 smaller moons before the one we have now. Why do you ask about dinosaurs ? Is it not people who are about to become extinct on Earth very soon?

Q. What do you know about the needles, which the people from Thiaoouba have removed twice from their orbit around Earth ?
A. Scientific American, August 1998 (Vol 279, Number 2, article by N.L.Johnson, Page 43, (63 in US edition?!)) explains :
"80 clumps of needles (were) released in May 1963 as part of a US Department of Defense telecommunication experiment. The radiation pressure exerted by sunlight (???) was to have pushed the tiny needles - all 400 million of them - out of orbit ..."

Observations confirm that the needles became "clumped" together and transferred on a higher orbit than they were originally released on. Magnetic attraction has to be excluded from consideration, because needles were made out of copper.

Show me anything else in the Universe that has been pushed "out of orbit" by the "pressure of sunlight". Why do we use rockets then? Even if one needle is only 0.01 gram - 400 million of them is 4 tonnes !!! I challenge every scientist on Earth to explain how "the pressure of sunlight" can displace 4 tonnes of metal onto a higher orbit.

The removal of the needles was an intelligent intervention, demonstrating unsurpassed technological possibilities of the people of Thiaoouba. What do you do if your kids play with matches in their room?

Q. The Book is great. But materialistic reality is SO overwhelming. I feel helpless.
A. Michel and I share your frustration. But everything is ultimately done by single people. The change must be initiated by people like you and me, who do not follow the flock.
We seem to be the mental paraplegics of the Galaxy. Everyone, including all animals on Earth, use telepathic communication - except us. However, if a sufficient number of people (the critical mass) have the right attitude, many others will click - telepathically.

Q. In chapter 7 Thao states that the Moon will crash with Earth in about 195,000 years. Measurements of our scientists indicate that the Moon moves away from Earth about 1 cm/year. Doesn't it disprove your book?
A. (by Tom Chalko, PhD) Scientific conclusions are only as good as assumptions taken in reaching them. Hence, you need to examine the method and assumptions our scientists adopt with the same skepticism you try to examine the book.

The method of measuring the distance between Earth and the Moon is based on bouncing the light (laser pulses) from the reflectors located at the surface of the Moon and measuring the time it takes for the light to reach sensors back on Earth. By the"distance" between Earth and the Moon they mean the distance between their centers of gravity.

Some of the obvious assumptions our scientists make are
1. the centers of gravity of Earth and Moon are fixed (do not move) with respect to the corresponding planetary/lunar surfaces

2 . Light beam between Earth and Moon travels through media that do not change with time

Each of these assumptions needs scrutiny.

1. Neither Earth, nor the Moon are rigid bodies. Their interiors are partly liquid and semi-solid. Hence, observations of our scientists can be explained by slight changes in mass distribution inside Earth/Moon interiors. Incidently, some notorius and unexplained errors in satellite positions can be expained this way too. See this article and the video below for more details.

2 . The moon seems to develop its atmosphere. If you look at a new moon, you will be able to see its entire outline. In the past, this was not possible. Observing the entire lunar outline is only possible if the moon has an atmosphere. As you know, light travels through atmosphere slower than through vaccum. Hence, thickening of the lunar atmosphere would contribute to a conclusion that the Moon drifts away from Earth. Increase in pollution/composition of Earth's atmosphere (CO2) has a similar effect.

"Not appearances, but what is BEHIND them is the most important".

Q. You should do what you preach. Why do you charge money for The Book ?
A. We have tried to ask printers, distributors and shipment companies to do their job for free. It was not possible.

We have tried to give The Book free of charge, only to find it later in rubbish bins... What do you do when someone tries to give you a free book in a mall? We found that people have so much attachment to money, that they do not value anything that comes for free (like fresh air for example).

At present we give books free only to those who specifically request them and cannot afford them. The e-book online is also free. By selling the book to those who see a benefit from having it and can afford it - we sustain our activity of giving it away.

Q. The Book's message sounds very similar to some religions. What's the difference ?
A. Most religions preach love, and yet, their purpose is to confuse and misinform people for two reasons: money and the power of manipulating people. Their tool is frequently fear, which they induce to get control. For example, the Catholic Church removed reincarnation from the bible and included Satan, so they could murder and torture people in the name of God and love, apparently "fighting" Satan. Most wars are a direct consequence of religious "brainwashing".

When you seek true love you do not go to a prostitute. When you truly seek God, you do not go to an institution that makes business by claiming to represent God. Do you think that God needs a proxy? Have you read The Freedom of Choice?

The book's main message is that the most beautiful temple of man is within and has always been. To reach it you should meditate and then concentrate, which is different, although the two are usually confused by teachers on Earth. We should grow up, drop ridiculous rituals and stop following the flock, lead by those who take advantage of us.

Q. There are tons of info on Grays, Reptilians, Plaedians, TauCetis, Cassiopeans, Arcturians, Andromidans etc. on almost every Web site I visit but nothing on the Thiaooubans ?
A. There are many ways to distort the truth. People on Earth are busy amusing themselves with theories, fairy tales and scary stories - they are not yet ready for Reality... By the way, Thiaoouba is The most frequently used word in the Bible.

Translators twisted it from Hebrew as Yehova. You have to admit that this word has been known on Earth for thousands of years...

In particular, the "angel of God" in the first contact with Moses demanded to be called Thiaoouba (Yehova) ‘‘for generations to come’’. This demand is still recorded in the Hebrew version of the Old Testament (Torah). Priests soon distorted this and now Hebrew people are not even allowed to pronounce this name (!!!)

God is God and YHWH is Thiaoouba - the name of the planet, on which everyone is at least as evolved as Moses, Buddha or Jesus.

Q. Some UFO books talk about "fights" between advanced aliens. What is the truth ?
A. There are no fights for Earth, or for anything at all, among truly advanced people. It cannot be. Truly advanced people can create anything material they want by their thoughts alone.

Our ancestors on Earth called them "gods" for a reason. In addition, all material things, including suns, planets, galaxies etc... are actually temporary. Every atom is just a vibration and will eventually disintegrate into nothingness. True, eternal stuff is the consciousness - intelligence, sense of humor etc... You have to admit that it is impossible to "fight" for that. Everyone in the Universe has to learn all lessons individually.

Q. The Book contains a lot of facts known on Earth from various sources, some of them covered up. Why ?
A. Michel's mission is to straighten all scrambled facts and put them in the right perspective, as well as in the order of importance.

Q. Other UFO "abductees" say a lot of sensational stories, which are quite chilling. What do you think ?
A. Michel knows which "abductees" are simply faking their experiences, but he is not allowed to speak about it. It is up to the people to find out who is right. This is our homework: wake up to the truth by ourselves. Remember: people from Thiaoouba will never do homework for anyone. They will only ensure, that everyone has enough hints to identify truth.

Remember that fear is the easiest feeling to induce, and it paralyses your logic. For centuries priests and governments have used fear techniques to control the flock. Anyone who promotes fear is not aware of the Universal Law.

Q. What about Grays and other aliens seen on Earth ?
A. There are some races of people on a similar level of mentality to ours, visiting us on Earth. Michel was given telepathic permission from Thiaoouba in 1995 to talk about Grays in front of TV cameras in the USA. Gray people are from a "planet of sorrows" too, and on their own planet they have completely lost their immune system, as a consequence of their "civilized" activities. Simply speaking they are going extinct very quickly.

They have the technology to come to Earth and they come here to watch the reactions of our immune system, because we just started loosing ours in 1948. They hope, that by observing our reactions they can help themselves. They have implanted about 150 people world-wide (not 5 million as some say) with monitoring devices. People from Thiaoouba watch this activity too and clearly say that there is no danger.

Q. Do you really expect anyone to believe what is in The Book? It is so unreal.
A. You don't need to believe. You need to know. Serious scientists have already verified enough from The Book to consider every sentence in it very seriously. Have you seen this article?

Take a brainwash test: Some industries make huge profits only when you are sick. When you are healthy they have no business whatsoever. Do you really believe their "health" advice ?? Note that most people do.

Another test. Suppose that everyone gets a job and a loan. Guess who benefits most from such a scheme. Aren't you following the flock?

The best physicists on Earth agree that everything material is just vibration, and it is actually temporary. The real stuff is our consciousness. People need a lot of effort to comprehend the Reality of the Universe. The evidence is overwhelming. We have eyes - but do we see?

Q. It is impossible to travel to the other side of the galaxy, live there and come back in 10 days, even with the speed of light. How do you explain your travel ?
A. Michel has traveled much faster than the speed of light, using a technique called trans-substantiation. You cannot do it in the solar system, you have to be in deep space first, otherwise you will explode. Michel's understanding is that the spaceship traveled several hours to get out of our solar system, and several hours to reach Thiaoouba from outside theirs. Inside the spaceship Michel couldn't tell when the trans-substantiation occurred. The image became different on the "camera" screen.

Q. What was the food on Thiaoouba ? What did you have for dinner ?
A. People on Thiaoouba drink half a glass of something they called hydromel, every 2 days. Michel did not like it, but he had to admit that it was extremely nourishing. Eating a lot seems to be disturbing the conscious development. People on Thiaoouba do not waste any time whatsoever preparing food.

Q. I have been caught in between two worlds: material and spiritual. What would be the right position ?
A. Material technology should ASSIST in our spiritual development. If it is used to garbage our mind with misinformation, horror and violence (TV, VCR) or destroys the planet, then it is misused.

There is no problem with duality: we are really eternal astral beings undergoing lessons in physical bodies. The sole purpose of our physical existence is spiritual development. Anything that happens around us is a part of the lesson.

Our learning tool is our free will. We should use it to make a continuous series of choices in our life and watch their consequences. The aim is to understand the effects of our choices. If we mess up the lesson (don't learn) then we have to repeat the lesson in the next lifetime. If we are absolutely stubborn and do not want to learn, we eventually get destroyed and re-cycled as everything in Nature.

Q. Where is Thiaoouba ?
A. Thiaoouba is most likely in the Pleiades (there were no signs on the way). Our Sun is barely visible from there. Pleiades is quite a unique group of stars in which, unlike in most other "constellations" all stars are VERY CLOSE to one another. There are not too many such groups of stars in our Galaxy.

Q. Is there any way for us to communicate with people on Thiaoouba ?
A. The only way to communicate with them directly was to use telepathy with the help of the Great Pyramid, which, by the way, is not only vandalised beyond description, but is also slightly out of its original alignment and we don't have the technology or knowledge to correct it.

On Thiaoouba, of course, they have the knowledge to send us telepathic messages at any time they want. But most of the people on Earth don't even know how to listen.

People from Thiaoouba frequently visit and monitor us on Earth. On these occasions it is possible to have a direct bi-directional telepathic contact with them, if they want to.

Q. What do your friends from Thiaoouba say about spirituality and religions on Earth ?
A. All religions, cults, sects etc. are truly dangerous. They have been created after great men (Christ, Buddha etc.) died, by people with only 2 things in mind: money and power. Religions are a true curse on Earth, because they are the source of spiritual misinformation. They constipate people with fear, propaganda and rituals to the point that people stop thinking and follow the flock.

When you seek true love you do not go to a prostitute. When you truly seek God, you do not go to an institution that makes business by claiming to represent God.

"The Kingdom of God is within you" as it says in the Bible, which once upon a time contained lots of other good information. Unfortunately, many essential things were removed by priests who feared that people might become enlightened, fully independent and impossible to brainwash and control.

Just imagine what would happen if people discovered that God doesn't need a proxy...

Q. What do scientists say about The Book ?
A. Michel had a live radio interview with a group of physicists in Melbourne, who studied his book thoroughly and attacked his credibility quite viciously. Michel asked them: did you read my book?" "Yes, several times" they answered. Then Michel asked them "you are scientists and physicists: show me just one sentence in my book that you can prove with your instruments and knowledge to be a lie". Guess what. They could not find one. All of this was on air. It was in 1994 and they are still searching.

Have you seen ?

Q. What about skeptical scientists ? What do they say ?
A. Basically, they say that The Book is fiction or even bullshit, until they actually read and study it. One academic resisted for a long time, saying that he does not read paranoia and bullshit. Finally he agreed to read the book, as "science fiction". When asked about his opinion of the book, he answered: ' Well, in my opinion there are 3 possibilities '

1. It is a lie. In this case I must admit that it is the best lie I have ever come across, and possibly the best lie of the century. It clicks so well with our past and present that it is simply unbelievable.
2. This guy (Michel) is a literary genius. It is like Einstein+100*J.Verne (my comment: Michel is a farmer with no education and has never written anything before, except letters to his mother)
3. It is really true
You have to read the book yourself to make your own choice.

Q. Do they have money on Thiaoouba ? What do they say about money ?
A. No, they do not have any form of money at all on Thiaoouba. They say that the monetary system is a true curse on Earth.

Most people on Earth are totally enslaved by the monetary system (by taking a job and a loan for example). They pay interest all their lives (@0.5 million dollars per person over their lifetime) and it never crosses their minds that by doing so they help strengthen the very system that makes them slaves.

Few individuals (12 families or so) control the entire monetary system on Earth. Most people do not even know who they are; they hide themselves using banks they own. They have succeeded in convincing most people on Earth that making $ is the ultimate goal in life. They throw some $ for grabs and people compete, fight for them, are ready to kill, even make a war. They also lend money to governments and soon everyone becomes a puppet controlled by a $. Guess who benefits most.

Q. Do they have schools, libraries etc. on Thiaoouba ?
A. No. They don't even use pen and paper. Their learning is by direct telepathy: mind to mind high-speed communication. They get their information by telepathic connection with the Source - and they remember everything. Can you imagine a planet where everyone is as evolved as Jesus or Moses?

Q. How long do they live on Thiaoouba ?
A. As long as they wish. Millions of years if they want to. And their physical bodies are forever young, because they can regenerate any cell in their bodies at will.

Q. Do they have telecommunication (phones) on Thiaoouba ?
A. No. They use telepathy. For information, images, thoughts, feelings, teaching, learning, anything at all.

Q. People on Thiaoouba seem very serious. What do they do for fun ?
A. They have fun most of the time. They look like they receive good news every few seconds. Also, they live as long as they wish, looking 20 the whole time. Imagine what they can learn and how much fun they can have living for a million years or so. They have a lot of time to relax, meditate, swim in the ocean, sunbathe etc.. I guess their favorite is joining the Source of Consciousness - getting out of the physical body altogether.

Q. On Thiaoouba they eat so little, the fun of food is trying new tastes to get new experiences.
A. Food is fun only for some of us, and it is really a low-level fun. We overeat and then feel sick. We even get addicted to some foods without ever realizing it.

Their fun is more to do with the mind and a perpetual satisfaction from helping others and learning The Design and The Law of the Universe.

Excess food seems to be a serious obstacle in the development of the mind. Try to concentrate after a 5 course meal for example. You feel sleepy, not energetic and alert.

Q. What was the spaceship from Thiaoouba like ?
A. The long-range spaceship was perfectly spherical, shiny metallic, @80 m diameter, no doors, no holes whatsoever, levitating when not in flight. You enter levitating with a special instrument, through a sort of piston that opens when you approach. When inside, you watch the outside using enormous 3D holographic displays with unbelievable clarity, color, zoom etc.. .

Q. What are the people from Thiaoouba like ? Have you been afraid ?
A. People on Thiaoouba are so nice, kind, loving and understanding. But Michel felt like a kindergarten kid with them, mentally. Thao (Michel's mentor there) was constantly amused by his reactions to different things he saw and learnt there. They are so wise, and knowledgeable, it is simply unbelievable. When Michel thinks about them he cannot resist the tears in his eyes.

Q. Had anyone noticed that you were missing for 9 days ?
A. Michel's entire family was very worried when he suddenly vanished in the middle of the night. Since he had left the note for them (as instructed by his new friends telepathically) they did not inform police, they were just very worried, even after Michel came back.

Q. Some people say that aliens prepare for an invasion on Earth. What is the truth ?
A. Fake alarms: there is no invasion. There can't be. Earth is extremely close to a global catastrophe, and therefore is a very unlikely destination for anyone intelligent. Scare tactics are used just to exercise control over people, because fear completely blocks logical reasoning.

Q. What do they wear on Thiaoouba ?
A. All people on Thiaoouba wear vividly colored garments that match their auras. On Earth we have just started developing so-called bioresonant garments and experiments with near-monochromatic color patterns...

Q. What do people on Thiaoouba say about lovemaking ?
A. They say that when we go to the forest we do not see the trees. We seem to miss the point.

©Tom J. Chalko 1996